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Sat on grass in General Admin section which was perfect. The employees were all very nice to us. Reviewed 1 week ago Amy Schumer Hilarious! We are sorry that you did not have the experience you were hoping for at our slot machines. Amy Schumer is not for everyone, has a comedian she is going to be crude and sexually nasty.


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It was the venue. They have allegedly built an out door amphitheater where they certainly did not effectively plan the layout well. The seating were folded chairs, very small in size. The woman next to my husband had partial body parts squished on him. The legs of the folding chairs were lashed together with zip ties. It had rained so the chairs were wet. It's sad when you pay that kind of money and have to bring your own towel. Where we were sitting, you could not see the stage far, far right , but you could see the large screen.

That is, until the people in front of us stood up. We were hoping that after the third song the folks in front and to the left side of us would sit down. This did not happen. When I booked the tickets it showed the layout which was totally deceptive and looked like a scratch drawing of a blueprint.

Again, not accurate as far as viewing vantage point. The vast majority of people didn't bother to sit in their perspective places. It was rather willy-nilly.

After four songs and NOT seeing him at all, we decided to bite the bullet and leave. As we passed through the milling masses, we got a glimpse of him. We watched one song and then felt so guilty because we were standing in front of other people. I am not the kind of person that will do something to another that I despise myself i. As we exited the grounds, the lights got dimmer and dimmer of the path to our vehicle. As we walked in the relative dark we stepped in and avoided several lovely droppings of horse crap.

You couldn't see them until you stepped in them. Now, I should have started with the parking. It, too, was in a hay field and at least a half mile from the concert area. There was not disabled parking my husband is disabled and has difficulty walking great distances and has a heart condition. There was not shuttle service or even golf carts to get us to the venue. I highly recommend you ask a lot of questions about going to any concert given by this casino.

Amphitheaters are wonderful as they are outdoors and can be a lot of fun. However, the layout could have been planned better in the process. This was a birthday present for my veteran husband.

One I could barely afford but felt that he was worth every penny both my husband and Toby Keith. What a disappointment we experienced! I was here with about 90 other people for a conference. We all showed up to check in at check in time and most rooms weren't ready.

Some desk staff were very friendly while others were rude and unhelpful. We waited over an hour for our room to be ready. We hung out in the bowling alley which was fun. Our room was pretty average but smelled of smoke. Others complained of the same problem. Food was very good. Pool area was small. I would NOT call it a water park by any means! We had lunch and dinner buffets there and the food was excellent.

The employees were all very nice to us. The slot machines didn't like us and we certainly didn't get to play very long. So glad the food was good! We are sorry that you did not have the experience you were hoping for at our slot machines. At Treasure Island we make every effort to ensure that we provide nothing but the very best in slots, table games, bingo and pull tabs, while following the guidelines set forth in our Compact Agreement with the State of Minnesota.

Every game in our casino is monitored by the Gaming Commission for compliance. We keep loyal patronage in high regard and look forward to seeing you at The Island again. Decent stay this year. Nothing fancy, prices are a little on the high side, unless you are a gambler in their program and get a deal through that. November December 1 Thrillbillies Country. December The Local Hooligans Variety.

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