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Even our accessories are the finest quality, from casino quality cards and dice to real clay chips to professional dealing shoes. Another advantage is that this table wasn't very closely watched since there is just one crew member there no one getting mad at you for dice setting. I got tired of containing all those chips and ordered a blackjack table chip tray. I think I saw a video of these tables on youtube awhile back. Finally, he called me and spoke somewhat sheepishly. This actually helped the throwing of the dice, as the chips were not so close to the end when placed on the pass line.

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Gonna add some egg-shell foam to the walls? Prepare to take crap for the chips. Not personal, it's just what people do here. Check out some of the poker table build threads here, I bet a lot of ideas are transferable. At this time, it was sitting on my pool table, which can also be a small ping pong table. I got to looking around, and found an old waterbed frame that was not going to ever be used again. I decided to cut it into the necessary lengths needed, and put it on a fresh piece of mdf cut to size.

We cut and readjusted the waterbed padded rails, and we had us a craps table! This worked even better. You could drag the dice across without hitting hinges, and you had a real box to contain the dice when thrown. I discovered the need for more chips, so I ordered another set from amazon. I got tired of containing all those chips and ordered a blackjack table chip tray.

I added it to my table like this This worked out great! I also bought 10 of those plastic five row chip trays for everyone to use.

These work great too. You have developed it a bit already! I thought the first post was where you are now. You, my friend, are gonna fit right in here! Welcome, by the way. This place is full of MacGyver wannabees, that was a great mod! Don't mind Seven, his job it to tease newcomers. If they don't scare off, we know they're OK. We are playing on our usual Wednesday night, and my wonderful wife comes downstairs and drops a big cardboard box in the middle of the table.

She says, "Happy Birthday"! We open it up and there is the diamond shaped ends for the table! I had been really wanting these, but they are expensive. Without them you really can't practice dice control at home.

The diamond ends are 11" tall and won't fit on my waterbed walled table without trimming them. I don't want to do that, so here we go again. I buy some 2x12 lumber from the local lumberyard and build another box.

I find that with the waterbed padded rails hanging on the side, it won't be tall enough to clear the diamond ends. I add another layer of 2x4's on top of that. This thing is getting really tall now. I also put it on it's own legs and set it next to the pool table. The pool table has a new top on it as well. A full size ping pong table that I brought back from my parent's house. I've been there several times, and realized my table isn't really long enough to be helpful as practice for dice control.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to make it longer. I decide to add an extension to one end. This includes two more legs. Now this thing has six legs! It was just an attempt. I ditched that idea. I would later come up with a way better idea. I couldn't find the felt to match my layout at Hancock's, so I got what I could. It's green, but not right. I make some new ones with some vinyl from Hancock's and some foam. I made them from plywood, and didn't do a very good job. I also got some darker felt, and centered the layout.

I know the dealers there quite well, you might've had Warren, Kenneth, Anne, or some new guy named Lawerence I believe? LZNam, Jul 19, I think it was Anne. He might be a new dealer. LZNam , Jul 19, May 12, Messages: GhostRyder, Jan 16, Jan 16, Messages: Hi Guys, Hope it's ok to post this here as it wasn't exactly a short table, but it did have only one crew member working it, similar to the small table. A couple of months ago, I was playing at Bills across the st.

They have a 12' table, but it has chairs all around with touch screen computers which you use to place your own bets no chips on the table. You just give the worker your cash and they credit it to your computer. There is only one employee running the table similar to what you have mentioned on the mini table. She handles the stick, and the payouts ect.

When you win or lose, the amount is just added or subtracted from your computer. I actually lost there but I wasn't a controlled shooter yet. The table has no excitement to it at all. Everyone just sits around placing there bet on the computer. The shooter will stand up to throw the dice. All of the players were random shooters including myself hence why we all lost The table that I won big on was full and there were at least 4 advantage players there.

All of the dice setters were the ones winning me the money. After I got home from that trip, I began learning how to set and control the dice, read Golden Touch book, bought a practice box, watched youtube vids, etc. I have seen HUGE improvements in my 7 avoidance since practicing dice control. Getting to my point here regarding this "self serve" craps table I now see some advantages to it for the dice controllers.

You could bet don't pass, dont come, and no one else at the table would know how you are betting i don't like others knowing I am betting against them. It would probably also be worthwhile betting DP DC against the others at the table if they are just a bunch of random shooters. It seemed that the dice outcome at this particular table was hitting the random shooters harder than a normal craps table due to the no excitement, and pretty much craps newbies playing here.

It seemed that the types of people playing here were people that hadn't played craps before and were intimidated to try playing on a table with a live crew. Another advantage to this table is that there would be absolutely no chips in your landing zone since no chips are on the table also no hands in your way, no chips flying while your throwing dice. Another advantage is that the table was fairly empty since most play on the regular tables and you could easily get your stick left or stick right place at the table.

Another advantage is that this table wasn't very closely watched since there is just one crew member there no one getting mad at you for dice setting. You also have plenty of time to set the dice as it takes a bit of time for people to place their bets using the computers. The table was not popular at all so you could literally sit there at your place not betting on the random rollers if you wanted and just place a pass line bet when the dice are coming your way.

This table literally has no distractions for the dice controller. The lady at Bills casino said that they were the first to get a table like that and that they are a "test bed" so to speak for the rest of Vegas. GhostRyder , Jan 16, Southern-Comfort, Jan 16, Southern-Comfort , Jan 16, Since I wasn't a controlled shooter at the time, I wasn't paying much attention to how shooting on it was but I don't recall being uncomfortable at all.

I was shooting from the far side of the table and it seemed fine, nothing out of the ordinary. The touch screens were fairly small and I don't believe they hinder your throw at all but like I said, I wasn't paying much attention to it at the time since I was random shooter so I could be wrong.

If the screens do hinder your shooting, that would definately be a concern. I'm planning to get back to vegas sometime this month hopefully in a few days , I'll post back if I do on how it goes and if the touch screens make my throw uncomfortable.

I think I saw a video of these tables on youtube awhile back. Maybe try typing Bills new craps table or something like that. If you can find the video on youtube, it might give you an idea. GhostRyder, Jan 20, GhostRyder , Jan 20, The Midnight Skulker, Jan 26, The Midnight Skulker Member. Jan 28, Messages:

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