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As always, I welcome questions, comments, and especially corrections. Languages Deutsch Simple English Edit links. Its official YouTube, Facebook , and Twitter pages have also been deleted. XD is free to download from the Xtranormal website but is no longer distributed. They offer good double- and six-deck games with payoffs for a blackjack some have a few tables; of course, you should avoid playing them.

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XD is free to download from the Xtranormal website but is no longer distributed. Movie Maker offers users a more limited subset of functionality from Xtranormal Desktop in exchange for the convenience of a web browser.

Xtranormal videos could at one time be created through an interface directly on the YouTube website. In , Xtranormal launched a subscription service called Xtranormal for Education. This program aimed to empower teachers and students by giving them a new way to express themselves in the classroom.

Teachers can create and grade animation-based assignments directly from their web browsers. Xtranormal for Education has been implemented in K—12, university and special needs classes all over the world. In January , Xtranormal's CEO at the time told Forbes magazine that Xtranormal had a viable web subscription model, so they were focusing on their new Tellagami app, a spinoff platform that is more limited than Xtranormal's.

But believed that the real opportunity for growth was now in mobile. They encouraged users to use up existing points and to publish and download created movies before that date.

In August , Xtranormal's online services were taken down, with the content of their web site replaced by a holding page showing the company's logo, a set of media player control buttons, and the word "pause", but in early October, the placeholder was gone, thus their site was shut down completely. Its official YouTube, Facebook , and Twitter pages have also been deleted. Around November , the site was home to a store called "The College Shop" but that disappeared as the following event took place.

As of April , Xtranormal's domain now hosts a close mirror of the site of Nawmal Ltd. As of July , a new placeholder site, announcing that the assets of Xtranormal had been acquired by Nawmal, Ltd, had replaced the old site at xtranormal.

As of August , Xtranormal is acquired by Nawmal Ltd, but Nawmal is releasing the first of its products. As of , Xtranormal's new parent company, Nawmal Ltd, has split Xtranormal into 2 different animators named after the company itself, both just like Xtranormal, except one being for professional use and one being for education.

Some user-created videos reached more than a million views on YouTube. Before I get started on my rant, I want to give you a brief blackjack history lesson. Many moons ago, the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip had been the Mecca for good blackjack games. I can remember those fantastic deeply cut four-deck games that you could find up and down the Strip, and those wonderful double-deck and single-deck games, all paying 3 to 2 for a blackjack.

When the six-deck games arrived, almost every casino had these rules: In this very fair game, a basic strategy player faced a meager house edge of only 0. But, alas, times have changed and for the most part, the blackjack games in the Strip casinos these days … let me be blunt about this … really, really, suck.

The casino moguls there have decided to gouge tourists by paying only on a blackjack, rather than the traditional It probably went something like this:. The clueless tourists flocked to these single-deck games, believing the latter have better odds than a traditional six-deck game. This is true if the blackjack payoff were the same, but it is not. Suppose you bet ten bucks and you get a blackjack.

At a game, how much would you win? Many players have also told me that. Then let me ask you this: How many blackjacks would you expect to get every hour you play? Assuming 80 hands per hour, you can expect to get four of them. But wait… it gets even worse. How about paying on double-deck and, heaven forbid, even six- and eight-deck games?

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