Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, Palm - Eagle Beach

I could not find any pool chairs much less two together shaded. They are providied 'as is' and we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury, inconvenience or other damage resulting from this information. Plenty of shady areas around the pool with waterfalls. Chicken Picatta served with capers, lemon butter sauce, mascarpone mashed potato, green asparagus. All photos 1, 1, One of our favorite brunch spots on Aruba.

Palm Beach, Aruba

$3,000 - $51,000

Well we understand the problem of any crowded large resort when it comes to space at the pool or beach and the Surf Club, as beautiful as it is. It seems I have experienced this many places I have vacationed throughout the years.

On the other hand you don't want to stay at a place, necessarily, that is kind of empty and boring. I've been to those types of places too and, quite frankly, if we wanted to be alone, we could just stay closer to home and relax. We like to see people and meet people. It's all part of the vacation experience.

However, we have had some solution to this problem because we own at the Ocean Club and the Surf Club. We rent the units for the same week and travel with our friends. So you see we occupy both units at the same time, so we can get a space on the beach or pool at the Ocean Club which is less hectic, and then go over to the Surf Club and use the Lazy River or anything else there whenever we want.

So look for 2 units for the same time period and invite some friends along to vacation with you. Sounds like a fun time? Returned from the Marriott Surf Club on August 23rd, we had a fabulous time. We used an II excbange to get into the resort. The unit was gorgeous, and the staff extremely friendly and helpful.

The Lazy River was relaxing and fun and we didn't expereince the saved beach chair problem. Going in August made a difference as far as crowding was concerned. We took advantage of the gas grills and met some awesome folks while grilling.

ALl and all I will look forward to returning to the Surf Club. My husband and I came back for our five year anniversary.

People complained about tagging their chairs to reserve them for the day but it was simple. You needed to get up at 7: The grounds are very pretty and the staff was very accomodating throughout our stay. There were a lot of families with children but there were a limited amount of activities to do with younger children.

The restaurants in the area were great. Not a big fan of Simply Fish. There were plenty of great places only a cheap cab ride away. We spent spring break week at the surf club. We had a great time. The people and the facilities were first class.

The rooms were spacious, clean and very comfortable. As many people have noted, Marriott likely overbuilt this property. There is not room for a single additional chair at either the beach or the pools.

They have recently instituted a hang tag policy to reserve your pool or beach chairs. You are issued a hang tag for each member of your party at check in. You use these to "hold" your chairs. The crowd starts arriving at the pool at first light--around 6: You must then wait until 7: I only saw tags removed once all week. If someone in your party is not a morning person, this may not be the place for you.

I personally enjoyed the quiet time in the morning watching all of this unfold. The resort was completely sold out during our week, other weeks may be less busy, but there are a lot of condos in a fairly small area, i.

If you think you can just stop down at the pool or beach late morning and grab a spot, you will be very disappointed. Having said all that, the place is fantastic. We have 7 and 8 year old sons. They made tons of friends--it was a great vacation for all. Marriott knows how to keep families happy. The constant trade winds in Aruba make the high temperatures very comfortable. The weather cannot be beat.

We have travelled fairly extensively in the caribbean and this was the consistently best weather we have ever had. The wind makes it perfect. The resort grounds and pools are perfect. The lazy river is a treat. We will certainly return. The economy seems to be hitting the restaurants more than the hotels and condos. The place was packed, but many must have been eating in thier rooms, as restaurants were half full. A nice feature is that you actually clear US customs at the Aruba airport.

This saves having to claim and recheck luggage if you have a connecting flight on your way home. I Love the location and the rooms are clean and functional. Aruba and this property are safe and well guarded there is security everwhere. However, having to get up at 6: The property is beautifully manicured and the staff outside of the front desk area are very nice and helpful.

But also note that as of last week when I was there, they are under construction beside the pool in building 6 and you hear jack hammers and drilling all day. The poor people who were booked into the rooms above the noise. I would not go back if I was looking for a quite restful vacation, but if you don't mind all the people on top of you and the towel and chair police taking your chair if you are gone longer than 1 hour not the 2 that they tell you, then enjoy I prefer less hustle and bustle.

We had a wonderful time at the Surf Club. We had 4 adults and 2 children and rented a 2 bedrooom villa from an owner. The space was quite nice although some of the applicances could hasve used some fine tuning.

The pool complex and beach are wonderful and the hotel is in a nice location, within walking distance to numerous restaurants and shops. Just came back from the Surf Club in Aruba and have read other reviews. Althought there were some negative reviews, I have found the Surf Club wonderful for a family vacation. The villas are very spacious, very clean and the staff is VERY friendly and helpful. Those complaining may try to treat the staff a little nicer and perhaps your experience would be better.

The place is great, the beach is beautiful and the grounds are kept perfect. Besides it made it lively and fun. Of course it is going to be crowded just as holiday weeks, college weeks off, and just because it is in the middle of winter and many people choose to get away from the elements. Go in the summer if you want it less crowded!!! We have been going for the past 10 years to the Marriott in Aruba and we love it and we are already booked for If you dont like people or children and want to be secluded buy your own island!!!

For the person that complained about the restaurant closing for a group that comes down there were at least two other restaurants on the beach that Marriott offers. We came on a Sunday and it only took only about 20 minutes to get up to the room and the room was super clean and well supplied. If you had complaints about Aruba's Marriott than you certainly wont be happy in Heaven also. And you know the alternative of that. Cant wait to next Jan so I can get another piece of Heaven!!!

The Surf Club is just great. Is it over crowded during xmas and new years week? Yes, just like every other place, but you can't find the Surf Club pool and large beach area any place else. So, if you want the beautiful grounds, pool, and all the Marriott amenities, you can't beat this place. Just got back from two weeks and can't wait till next year.

The beach was crowded but there was room for all, and the back end of the pool area was almost empty. You can always get a palapus at the pool beach by building "C" with lots of shade. This area is the best secret of all. Sat there, and was very happy. Not as windy as by the waterfall area. This was the best thing I ever bought. The family memories we are creating is unbeatable.

We go with our 2 sons and a girlfriend and we choose to look at the overwhelming positives rather than the few negatives. So take your kids and have a great time. We have been going to the Marriott Aruba Surf club for 5 yrs. We own 3 weeks and could not be happier with our investment. We travel with out 3 kids so we are a family of 5. The units are great because we all fit very comfortably. The rooms are clean, roomy and beautiful. We have 2 sets of families that we travel with each year and let me tell you we are making the best family memories ever.

Every year my kids love to go to Aruba. No matter what kind of year it has been when we arrive in Aruba this feeling of peace just comes over us and we just have the best time. We laugh and enjoy each others company. No cell phones, ipods, etc. Just plain old conversation and good times. Exactly what a family should do.

In this world today people do forget to slow down and make memories with your kids because soon enough they will be grown and off living there own lives.

They are now 18, 15 and 13 and we can't wait until next year to hit the pool and just float in the lazy river or swim in the ocean. We are a busy family all year long and its great to relax and see my entire family smile. The resort grounds are kept amazingly clean and the staff is very friendly. The lazy river is inviting and relaxing. The tradewinds are just so soothing they rock you to sleep on your lounge chair.

The Ocean Club owners seem to have a problem with the Surf Club because I think they are jelous its so nice. They are so sour that it was built and that its all new. They are the only people who seem to complain in there reviews??? Go back to the Ocean Club. We have owned here since before it opened, pre-construction. While I understand the comments about the property, Marriott did a great job with the location and the units here are top notch!!

Washer and dryer in the units, granite kitchen, big spacious living quarters. Really amazing property, and the river pool is the best!!! You dont get the river pool at the ocean club. We will continue going here for years, cannot be beat- except for St. Kitts which is also amazing.

Just bought a timeshare at the St. Kitts Beach Club which is really nice as well, and no lines to wait in for huts, there are so many huts you can get them whenever you want any time of the day on the beach. Another great Marriott property down there too! This coming January will be our third year at the Surf Club. We are owners and stay for ten days to two weeks at a time.

We find the resort lovely and have never experienced the difficulties that are described in these other reviews. It is crowded at times but not to the point that you can't get adequate and relaxing space on the beach. We do reserve palapas in the early hours for no fee and always have gotten them.

If you want to avoid the am lineup you can rent them for a fee. Half are rented and half are given out first come first serve at hut in early morning. The pool is crowded-but what premier resort isn't during Platinum season? Our first year the overcrowding was due to the Oceanclub people using our pool. We used the Ocean club pool a lot and found it literally deserted because they were all at the newer Surf Club with the lazy river.

Last year each had to use their own pool facilities which improved things considerably. We have always found the gym and workout facilites available. It will be expanded for this year. Many of these negative comments appear to me to be just angry people who could never be pleased no matter what was done. We are very pleased we purchased and have made friends with other unit owners who are there at the same time.

We eat in restaurants almost every evening and don't find them any more expensive than at home in the states Northeast USA. This is a fairly new resort just finished last year and you have to expect some growing pains. We feel the Marriott has worked very hard to resolve issues as they came up and see many improvements to the entire operation over the three years we have been there.

We cannot wait to get back in January and watch the sunsets in Aruba. This is a Beautiful Resort. We return this year in April. The weather there was perfect, since at home it was in the 20s. We spent our First wk in the Studio of our 3 bedroom unit. We had Breakfast in the unit each morning, mostly because everyone had a different desire for "Breakfast".

Lunch was frequently the left overs from dinner. We rented a car at National for the 2 week, at the resort. They offered a better deal than the airport. Took a cab to the resort, agree on the price before leaving the airport. Food is a little more expensive, but remember, It all comes over by boat. There is no Soil in Aruba, just sand.

Very little grows there. This is a family resort, geared to Families. But remember, you had to be 10 yrs old sometime, or your wouldn't be Retired now! The staff is very friendly, and sometimes it is a little crowded, but you don't have to go far to find a friendly person to tak to or play games, or just sleep.

You still feel comfortable walking on the Beach or any place in town. We have owned at the Ocean Club since '99 and would much rather be there. The Marriott people know that they tried to cram to many people into a small space so instead of purchasing the property right next to the Surf so that the Mega resort could be spread out they just chose to keep the pool area very small and undersized for the people that are there.

We went to the pool on the 1st day there at 8: An hour later a manager came over and said we would have to leave, to bad we didn't. She told us that the "owners board" for both the Surf and Ocean Clubs decided that this was thier solution to this problem.

Unfortunately the owners weren't consulted about this decision so I will be e-mailing all of them as well. She told me that it's not in the contract and that there wasn't anything that we could do about it, this was a "condition of sale" when we purchased our Time Share weeks so I feel like the Marriott is not being very receptive to the owners of these resorts and instead of making this a relaxing vacation what they have done is to make people very mad at each other.

I got up early one day and watched the action at the pool with all of these people trying get the chairs by the pool it looked like the last New York cab on a rainy day! I will stay here again only because I know that I can go use the pool at the Ocean Club. Other than that the one good thing is you can almost always count on the weather and it didn't disappoint us like the Marriott has! My husband and I just returned from a week at the Aruba Surf Club.

We are owners at the Aruba Ocean Club but since we couldn't get a reservation at our home resort until March we traded for the Surf. The rooms are lovely and clean as they are at all the Marriott resorts. We stayed in a one bedroom overlooking the main pool.

However, I would not stay at this resort again due to overcrowding. In order to get a pool chair with shade you had to go down at 7: We just didn't bother and took our chances later in the day.

Although we were always able to find a spot at the pool or beach after someone had abandoned a spot, I found this bothersome. Also, the chairs were literally side by side at the pool and the beach. It was always quite noisy at the pool and not very relaxing. The view of the beach was obstructed by the tons of chairs with shades. The lazy river was nice but again crowded so you couldn't really relax as you were contstantly bumping into other people. The Surf Club advised that the reciprocal agreement with the Marriott Ocean Club and the hotel had been suspended until April so you couldn't use those facilitities' pools either.

We spent our last day at the Marriott hotel in a newly renovated room and that was great. I will definately go back to the Aruba Ocean Club next time for the peace and quiet. Families with smaller children may prefer the Surf due to the lazy river pool. The Marriott burgers and the breakfast buffet at the hotel are were very good as well.

Tony Roma's was not as good as it has been in the past and they have raised their prices considerably. The happy hour drinks at the bar were not good nor was the juice bar. Save your money and buy your own! We rented a car for the day and went to the supermarket and Baby Beach. Make sure you get the Marriott VIP card before you rent. We stayed at the Surf Club Jan We exchanged for this property and have been to Aruba many times in the past during this time of year.

We absolutely love the island. We thought at one time that we would buy here pre-construction but decided to wait. We were thrilled to be able to get a Marriott property in Aruba in January and thought --great, if we like it we'll buy. We're very glad that we did not buy! Our experience was similar to some of the other negative posts. The Marriott was overbuilt and understaffed for the amount of people that occupy the Surf Club at peak times.

We could not get any lounges near the pool in the shade until around 5pm If you wanted a palapa you had to reserve it and pay for it up to 3 days in advance or wait in line at some ungodly hour in the am to get what was "left" over--if anything.

After the first couple of tries we just went to Arashi beach. Check in was obscene. There were only 3 people in front of us but it still took nearly an hour! The room was not adequately prepared: We requested a high floor with a view but were glad when we didn't get our initial request.

We were put on the 3rd floor I felt sorry for folks with strollers and wheelchairs! At least we were able to walk up and down the 3 flights easily. We reported a leak to the front desk at the time it was very minor 2x. They didn't fix it until 3 days later when the entire bathroom flooded!

I don't know if it was just the floor we were on or what, but at some times the water in the shower was too hot and at other times there was no hot water. Complaints to the desk just got an apology and said they would have engineering look into it. It was clear that the employees were trying very hard to accommodate the guests but were truly just overwhelmed by the enormous capacity at this resort.

We were told there was internet access in the room. There was an ethernet cable in the room. However, I researched a bit and found that there hadn't been internet access in the guest rooms since late November! Apparently there was some problem that they couldn't fix in the 5 week time frame??? It was embarrassing to see guests with files ourselves included late at night in the lobby area trying to catch up on work!

There was wireless access available in the lobby at no cost Trust me, I would rather have paid daily for the service in the room!! We have stayed at other Marriott time shares and have never had a problem--even the slightest in the past. I guess if you like kids, crowds, and disappointing service you will be okay here.

Beautiful rooms, but Extremely overcrowded!!!! The opening of the two additional towers have completely overwhelmed this place. The pool and the beach are way too small for the high volume of people at this facility. People were fighting literally over chairs and palapa's at the pool and beach.

The wait for the elevator was always long. The fitness room was so crowded you could hardly move, all of the cardio machines were constently in use and the room was so hot you couldn't breath. The service people tried hard, but it was obvious they were overwhelmed. If you're ok with heavy crowds and just want a nice room but nothing else, go for it. We just returned from a week at the Surf Club Jan.

Unlike the previous post, we had NO difficulty getting a palapa most days. And if we hadn't, there were plenty biminis chairs with canapy tops or trees available for shade on the beach. We were impressed by how uncrowded the facilities felt.

We were a bit concerned about that because of the completion of the new building. However, the Lazy River never felt crowded; we had plenty of space to relax and enjoy floating in it. The Caribbean was equally enjoyable. The only negative was the people that felt they had to have their chairs right at the water's edge and there were many of them. Behind them, things were much more spread out.

Yes, check in was hectic and it was the result of this very large group that comes to the Marriott in January and refuses to respect its property or check out times. Hopefully the Marriott will deal with that issue. As for check in, they told us at the owners meeting that they were insituting a new check in procedure - people from the newest building will check in at that building.

That should alleviate the recent delays. They also said they were building 39 new palapas on the beach and had completed 5 of them while we were there. That should help people find more options with shade. I would recommend the Surf Club to anyone considering a Caribbean vacation. The beach is wonderful, the Lazy River is a special amenity, the nearby restaurants are outstanding, etc We are already looking forward to our visit next year. I am an owner here and have just returned from staying on Jan 27, I could not find any pool chairs much less two together shaded.

This seems to be because Marriott has sold to a group of people whom they cater to all through the timeshares and hotel and cannot get them out of the rooms on time so they can clean them and turn them over.

We could not use their restaurant one night because it was serving this large group a special type of food. We are just a big herd at this property and treated as such. I would be careful of buying from Marriott at any of their new properties until you know they are not going to repeat what they did at Surf club. Even to try to secure palapas on the beach you must get up very early I'm not sure when I didn't do it but I think around 7: Now their is real respect for an owner on vacation.

You cannot use any of the other pools around the property ie Hotel or Ocean club but there is no space or shade so you can't use Surf clubs either. This property needs work!!! Marriott is no longer a name you can trust without first being sure this will not happen at their new properties. Buy resale on line if you can their older properties are good but beware of anything new until you are sure!!!!

I was just at the resort in November with my wife for my birthday and eventhough the surf club had just experienced some major problems, the resort was very attentative to our needs as well as providing 5 star accomodations. Aruba provides plenty of entertainment and restaurants. We did get some rain, but thats the best thing about Aruba, it only lasts for minutes and the sun is back out in full force.

Will definitly go back and stay at the surf. We went with friends and we all love this resort and will go back again for sure. I'm sorry to see some of the negative comments from others, since we had such a great experience. This is definately a 5 star resort. I'm in the middle of a two week stint, 51 and Aruba is a fantastic place to come for a winter break. Even the bad weather is good.

The hotel facilities are good and consistent with the past few years. The Marriott got very greedy! All facilities are extremely overcrowded. We are on a rotation with some other families in getting up at 5: The security guards are abusive to the guests. I have numerous bug bites sitting out on the chairs early in the morning. There long lines at the end of the day to exchange towels. It took almost 3 hours to get food at the pool last week. The resort is changing rules by the day to aleviate the overcrowding.

There are long lines to get cabs to town and out for dinner at night. The resort opened up a new building this year and did NOT add any facilities to compensate for the extra thousand guests. In addition, the Hotel is under construction and the hotel guests are coming to the Surf Club as well. I have questioned the resort and there does not appear to be any short term fix.

Be careful renting during peak times at this resort. It is till a nice facility, but be ready to fight for your usage and be an early riser. This is my fourth stay in the Ocean or surf club in the past two years and will likely be my last.

I agree with all the comments about the rooms; they are 5 star quality. The pool is very nice, but there was no floating in the lazy river as it was wall to wall people. The surf club beach is so overcrowded, that Marriot has not even bothered to add huts. There is no room. They took the simple approach and added hundreds of lounge chairs that have multi colored canvas sun covers.

The water sports vendors which line most of the beach front only add to the circus like atmosphere. The ocean club is much less crowded, as the ratio of huts to rooms is much higher than at the surf club. However, if you stay at the surf club, you can not reserve a hut at the ocean club.

Unfortunately the over development at the surf club has impacted the beach at the surf and ocean clubs as well as the other nearby resorts. The water at the beach is cloudy, and at times smells like rotten eggs.

Once you get to about twenty feet from the water line, the sandy bottom is covered with a layer of decomposing vegetation. After the jetty was removed the waves spread all of the sediment and decomposing vegetation for about a quarter mile in each direction.

The water will clear, but the overcrowding will only get worse. This is the best vacation we ever had! We have gone back here for the last six years. The people in Aruba are wonderful, the restaraunts are excellent and it's easy to see why this is a 5 Star resort. The Surf Club is the top of our list for overall experience in our timeshare life 5 years, 8 locations. We own another Marriott and traded to go to the Surf Club. Wow, were we happy we did. The villas are magnificently designed.

There is so much room, it was amazing. The bedrooms are very spacious, and provide ample room to store your belongings for your stay. The bathrooms are very good sized.

The pools at the resort are great. There are a total of 3 pools 2 connected. The "lazy river" is connected to the pool that has a waterslide and waterfalls. The "lazy river" was so relaxing. We went in each day and would doze off while we were moved around the river by the soft current. The third pool was our favorite, mostly because of the swim-up bar. Happy hour every day was fun, and amusing. It was like a school of fish coming in for feeding time when the bell rang. I've read many reviews regarding overcrowding.

I was a little concerned about that when we were heading down. However, I didn't notice it really. There are definitely some adjustments that need to be made with the reserving rules, but there were always chairs to be had.

I noticed lots of spots opening up around lunch time. It is just the furthest from the BAR!! I was also told that a new pool is planned closer to the ocean. The location of the Surf Club is perfect. You can easily walk down the beach or street to a strip of restaurants, bars, shopping, and other resort areas. We have been at the resort for 3 weeks, within this time frame we are renting a week from an owner that we got last minute while on vacation on this sight.

The resort is beautifull, clean and very close, within walking distance to many excellent restaurants and shops. The weather has been picture perfect every single day since February 24th. The transfer between the Surf Club and the Marriott hotel has been flawless and very efficient.

We have visited one of the new timeshares for sale on Eagle Beach that is being rented out much cheaper than the Surf Club, and we are so happy that we bought and that we are staying at the Surf Club. Our sincere thanks to the staff for a very enjoyable vacation. We have come her twice a year for the past 10 years and will continue to come here for the rest our lives. There is no problem with the pool chairs and the beach chairs at this time, The management has things under control.

We thank them very much. You always get what you pay for, this is not rocket science it's a real fact. The casino is really great too. Very happy with my stay at this resort. Yes, the pool deck gets crowded, but if you ask the staff will happily enforce their chair-saving rules and clear one up for you if one's available.

You pay more when you buy from Marriott, but the service is quick and friendly, and they bring it right to your chair! The lazy river is great fun to float around in, too. Although the resort doesn't make floats available owners would wind up tripling their maintenance fees the way people abuse things like that , they do sell very inexpensive floats if you don't bring your own. Also, the opportunity to use the Ocean Club and Marriott Stellaris pools means there's always an open chair.

The rooms are exceedingly comfortable and well-appointed Henkel knives in the kitchen! All of the bedding was just replaced, too - we received elegant brand- new comforters, sheets, pillows, and duvets in the middle of our stay, and these look to be much more hard-wearing than the last set so they should stay in good condition for some time to come.

The resort is actively upgrading Phase 1 units which includes the 28 oceanfront units with new blinds and so forth - they don't need it, really, but it does keep things looking fresh and comfortable. So if you want to for some reason spend a day indoors, you've got plenty to keep you busy. I'm very pleased with the resort, overall, although my work schedule demands shorter vacations nowadays so it's unlikely I'll be able to return to Aruba again anytime soon: If I did, though, I'd head back to the Surf Club!

We just spent 3 weeks there and its the best. We have been to many Islands and you are not going to beat this place. We exchanged the week of Oct. We travel to Aruba at least twice a year, as well as other Caribbean islands, and this place has got to be the worst place ever!

We have never had any complaint about any resort ever on this island, as they were always the best. We were given a room with no view sitting above an air conditioning compessor room, which was very noisy when we were told at the desk that we had an ocean view.

When we complained, we were told to meet with the manager at a certain time, and the manager had left for the evening. The hut system is all screwed up, in that the people assigning them play favorites. They double-booked us on a hut that we paid extra money to sit in the 1st row on the beach what there was of it and were asked to move because they had already assigned the same hut to someone else a week in advance. We were then put in the 3rd row of huts at the Ocean Club part of the beach which was a lot nicer , and did not get our money back for paying the extra to sit in the front row of the Surf Club beach.

There are no facilities on the beach at this resort, so you had a long walk to bathrooms, restaruants, etc. I know it's under construction, but this place was just awful. The water sports vendors had all their boats parked in the swim area on the beach that's about the size of a postage stamp. We had to use the Ocean Club's beach for swimming. This was our first experience with a Marriott, and will probably be our last!

I think there are too many Marriotts on this island. I also overheard from owners at the Surf Club that the Marriott had it in the works to purchase or already had purchased the Holiday Inn next door.

Vacations should remains just that, and not corporate agenda! We had a nice time the first two weeks in December. We would prefer the low-rise hotel area on eagle beach next time.

American Rock, american food, even the decor does not reflect aruban culture. Staff is very friendly. Concierge is highly capable. Lazy river will occupy most of your day. Beach was great, too. Hire a private snorkel or other water sports vendor vs the large tour companies. The day we left the crowd showed up. I too would be concerned when they open the new buildings. On the lst day we had to claim our poolside lounges early. Squabbles had already broke out between guests who didn't understand how to reserve a lounge.

It's a simple process. The lazy river was great fun -- and the kids loved the water slide. They are still finishing construction but it never affected us -- am a bit concerned about pool space after the last building opens -- otherwise, don't miss it!

Just returned from a stay at the Surf Club- what a beautiful, first-class resort! We had a one bedroom villa for two people and it was very spacious. Construction is ongoing but we did not find it to be an issue. The pools are wonderful and the beach is gorgeous! We loved Aruba and the Surf Club! The best Place to be in! The place is so relaxing and fun that you just can't get enough of it all in one week, that's why I'm buying another week so I can pretend I live in Aruba Nicest time share on the island.

Beautiful beach front with lots of space. Fabulous pools with a lazy river and water slide. Villas are spacious and nicely appointed. There is always something to do or just lay on the beach. Our favorite yearly vacation. Someday when we retire we will spend a month in Aruba and forget about Florida! This island is truly paradise with it's friendly people and perfect weather. My wife and I had a Marriott week that was about to expire so we went to Aruba.

What a beautiful, clean, spacious, and welcoming resort. The accomodations and amenities are first class, and the staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful. We took the tour just to get some extra points, but we loved the place so much we bought a unit. The Marriott Aruba Surf Club is a winner. Marriott has done it again with the Aruba Surf Club. The lazy river is opening December 18th, How many companies can say they are ahead of schedule?

I have some pictures available on my rental posting april 27th cant go because my wife is due that week.

Spent Easter Week at the Surf Club in Such a great experience with the white sand beaches and low humidity, and breezes. We will definitely go back. Lots to do if you chooose to do so. Marriott does a great job. Just returned from a week at the Marriott's Aruba Surf Club. Outstanding facility and the wait staff there are wonderful. Great beach and pool. Easy bus ride to town. Can't wait for this resort to be finished. It will be, by far, one of the best around. This resort is 5 star top notch quality that Marriot always does wonderfully.

Our meal was ok. The kitchen was very slow for a late lunch but our waiter made up for it. For the past few years, our last day on the island starts with a wonderful breakfast at La Vista Restaurant. A great buffet with more than enough to choose from, which is especially nice if you have young children to feed.

An excellent value when feeding a family of six The International Buffet was wonderful. Pizza for the kids and a various assortment of international dishes for the adults. Was very pricey per person for what was offered. Many chafing dishes were not filled and had to wait in longer lines for pasta and ice cream as seemed like less workers. Not at all what we expected from the restaurant description and the reviews.

We had a lovely server, but I would not go back. Good food, good value, good service, but the aggressive birds outside are most annoying and frankly give an unsanitary experience. The surroundings were excellent, but sitting outside is not good unless you like birds flying around and annoying as you eat.

One person MUST sit at the table and "shoo" the birds away or they will land and eat whatever is there! Waitress forgot about us for a while once bigger tables came in.

Food prepared as you waited for some. A large array of food for all diets. Festival show and buffet. Great service, loved eating outside Buffet was overpriced, but omelettes were fantastic! Very disappointed in this restaurant. We didn't sit outside because it was only buffet there. We wanted to eat from the menu which we found was very limited. There are so many excellent restaurants in Aruba that we wouldn't go to La Vista again. We go there every time we visit Aruba.

Great food, superb service. Sushi, pasta bar custom made pasta dishes , pizza, seafood crab craws, shlimp, mussels, etc. Iced tea was good. Outdoor seating was Nice! It was Thursday night which is apparently a special buffet night. We noticed there was seating available outside and asked if we could sit there, she said okay and we sat outside with the menus.

We explained that we told the hostess we wanted to order off the menu and she sat us out here. She seemed annoyed but said that it was fine and we could order off the menu outside.

The rest of the dinner was subpar service, if you want to call it that. Only came by to take orders or drop off items. She never even smiled until we were walking out and she said bye. We spent more money on entrees than we would have on the buffet so not sure why we were treated so negatively. The food was delicious and the servers were so friendly. Stopped in for dinner before the show.

Nice outdoor seating on the veranda overlooking the beach. They accommodated me by making my Caesar salad with steak and it was good. My wife's Tortellini were OK. The service could have been a bit better.

While they constantly filled our waters, the server could have checked back a bit more. Overall, average place with prices par for being a Marriott on an island.

Kid friendly and casual. Comfortable, great waterfront view and nice outdoor seating, we will be going back! Excellent buffet, nice room, good staff. Traditional and other items. We were disappointed in the food overall. Sign up Sign in. Overview Photos Menu Reviews Twitter. La Vista a spacious restaurant provides an open environment, a cozy bar and lounge, and an enticing Italian a la carte menu made possible by an exhibition kitchen, including a pizza oven and a grill offering Italian specialties.

An open-air terrace provides additional outdoor seating for a magnificent ocean view. Breakfast Buffet Monday through Saturday: Smith Boulevard Palm Beach, Aruba Report a photo problem Unrelated to restaurant Inappropriate content I don't like this photo Cancel. Menu Lunch Breakfast Dinner. View full menu Collapse menu. What People Are Saying. Reviews can only be made by diners who have eaten at this restaurant.

Overall 2 food 3 service 3 ambience 2. Overall 4 food 4 service 3 ambience 3. Dined on September 20, Overall 4 food 3 service 3 ambience 3. Dined on September 11, Overall 2 food 2 service 2 ambience 4. Overall 5 food 5 service 5 ambience 3. Overall 5 food 5 service 5 ambience 5. Overall 3 food 4 service 3 ambience 2.

Overall 3 food 3 service 3 ambience 4. Overall 4 food 4 service 5 ambience 5. Overall 5 food 5 service 4 ambience 4. Overall 3 food 2 service 4 ambience 3. Overall 5 food 5 service 5 ambience 4. Overall 4 food 4 service 4 ambience 4. Overall 2 food 2 service 2 ambience 3. Dined on February 26, Dined on February 23, Overall 3 food 3 service 3 ambience 2.

Dined on February 15, Overall 3 food 2 service 4 ambience 2. Dined on February 11, Overall 5 food 4 service 4 ambience 5.

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