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I have two Dots, one new, the other a cupla years old. Originally posted by smogfalls ahhh, i see. No, the Elite is different than the John Lennon signature Casino. Some of the Mexican Strats have excellent pups. I am, however, saving up for it Even unplugged it is a joy to play.

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I haven't played one, but my experience with my Elitist Dot and the experience of others here with Elitist-line guitars suggests that the Elitist Casino should be an extremely good guitar, with quality control that puts the non-Elitist Epiphones, and even many Gibsons, to shame. Here's a link to Epi's page for the Elitist Casino. It really depends on what you're looking for. I didn't see it mentioned yet, but the body is a completely different animal from the Casino.

The and Dot, Sheraton, etc. The Casino and is a shallow full hollow body. As Hamstersammich just pointed out they really are two different beasts. The Casino at high volumes can feedback, and not always in a musical way. It takes some patience learning how to control the feedback.

But that's half the fun. Any guitar will feedback, but the less wood bracing the pickups, the more likelyhood the guitar will feedback sooner as the volume increases. But plug one into a Champ and turn her up to about 1 or 2 o'clock and get ready for some stunning sounds. Mine's a korean model and I have yet to replace the pup selector, whichseems to be the first point of failure for most korean models.

If you have a GC close by then pop in and play some for yourself. Thats the only way to really know. Try them both out extensively and you'll know which one you like better. I've seen Heritage Hs with P90s too. That'd be another option if you can find one.

I have an Epi Elite Casino and a '63 The tone and playability is what is important. If the basic construction is similar between an Epi Dot and Gibson , than I agree it is not necessary spending many times the price of an EPI. The Faded SGs are a bargain on the used market and new, too. Fender hit a home run with the Squire pine teles that come with good pups, so it is possible to have good pups on a cheap axe. Some of the Mexican Strats have excellent pups. I see nothing wrong with the pups for what and how I play in several styles on the older one.

Ain't wrung out the brand new one yet. What year are the new EPIs that have good pups? The USA model was made in the Gibson factory as a special run but I assume it was made to similar quality and finish as a Gibson. There is undoubtedly a difference in materials, frets, fret board and the lacquer finish but the main difference are the pickups in 97 the epiphone pickups were poor switch, tuners, nut etc All of these can be upgraded relatively cheaply. I upgraded the Korean riviera and it was a fantastic guitar, the costs were much less than buying a Gibson and to be honest I preferred it to a lot of gibsons.

The downside is you probably won't recoup the costs of the upgrades if you sell it. I think if the dot is comfortable and you enjoy playing it, then it's worth getting and upgrading parts if you feel the need. An example of this is my Dot Studio where the outer and inner plys mahogany rather than maple in the case of the Studio are so thin compared to the inner filler ply that the guitar could almost be described as a solid top with inner and outer veneers rather than a true laminate construction.

You don't lose money upgrades if they're reversible no drilling or cutting and you keep all the parts you take off. If you want to sell it, return it to stock condition. The Epi I preferred was this: That being said, a used is not far off in price from the Ultra I also owned a Sheraton with electronic upgrades, so I'll do a little comparison of the lot. I bought the new, and haven't touched the setup in two years. Was perfect out of the box.

I bought the used, so can't speak to the setup, but everything else is absolutely superb. Concerning the laminated maple, these two instruments feel heavier and more solid than the others, as you would expect them to. My Sheraton, which I will assume is a close brother to the Epi Dot, was finished really well, felt a little lighter than my , but with Gibson '57 Classics, and upgraded electronics, really sounded close to the I wouldn't swear that I could tell the difference, but if so, the sounded a light darker.

But where the Ultra sounds good is running through a tube amp overdriven. Those Pro Buckers really come into their own then. The build quality on the Ultra while very good, is similar to that of the Gibson Midtown Standards, in that if you look hard, you will find some rough finish areas.

As everyone knows or thinks they know Gibson are overpriced to begin with. But as a point of reference, you will not find even the slightest finished-over sanding marks on the Memphis build models as you will with China and Nashville. My point here is that IMO the build quality in the Nashville and China plants is approaching or at similar levels, with the parts and materials being the main difference.

The Epiphone Casino has a black laminated maple body and the Dot has a black or white arch top body. The Casino and Dot difference lies in their neck construction, as the Dot has a thinner neck when compared to the Casino. Although the Casino is affordable for guitarists, the Dot is more affordable than the Casino. The Casino is lightweight, but the Dot is heavyweight.

The Epiphone casino is truly an acoustic guitar, whereas the Dot is semi acoustic. You can practice the Casino unplugged, and can it be played without amp, whereas the Dot has two humbuckers and is a thinline guitar.

The Casino and Dot are altogether different species, and both are traditional guitars. The Casino is finite and specific, and the Dot is versatile. The Casino is preferred for its clean resonant tone, best for bluesy stuff and rock n roll, whereas the Dot is useful to play at high volumes.

The Dot has the ability to be a singing lead guitar, unlike the Casino, because the semi hollow body prevents feedback. The Casino has more feedback because of its true hollow body.

Gibson ES-335 vs. Epiphone Casino!?

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