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This class will deal, reset the deck and print the colored cards onto the screen. E-Gold Heads or Tails is Only 1 cryptocurrency can be chosen. Apple devices such as iPod iPad and iPhone cannot play Flash games as the technology is not supported. Do you want to reward your users for being loyal?


Playamo Casino Review

Users can access your casino through this personalized program. They will simply install this application and they will instantly connect to your casino! Price is per game per language. Any player can change the design template of their casino session, using a button placed on the top right corner of the casino.

The player can select 1 out of the 4 available design templates. With this feature players can register in less than 5 seconds, if they have a facebook account, by using their facebook details as part of the registration details.

The price is per 1 game. You will be able to allow multiple external websites to connect to your casino and retrieve the list of your games via API, to start the gaming session for any users and to transfer funds to the gaming session so that the user can play the games. You will be able to monitor in the backend the profit that each operator made and even set a revenue share to help you determine how much each operator has to pay you.

This feature will also allow you to create unlimited operator accounts from the backend and give access to each operator to see their statistics and revenue in the backend panel. Each operator will only see data related to their activity.

If an operator does not pay, you can suspend his account from the backend with one click. All our source code files and our API code will be hosted on your server. Documentation and support included. It is mandatory that you buy our casino software and the games that you want from our website. Also, each operator will have their own credentials to start the gaming session and to access the backend panel for statistics. Discounted package of languages for web interface and administrator panel, containing some of the most popular languages in the world!

Integrate an automatic cryptocurrency payment solution that will give credit instantly to players that make deposits with the selected cryptocurrency at your casino, after the bitcoins entered your bitcoin wallet!

Price is for only 1 cryptocurrency! Integrate an automatic bitcoin payment solution that will give credit instantly to players that make deposits with bitcoins at your casino, after the bitcoins entered your bitcoin wallet! This tool will allow you to modify the paytable values for the slot games and it will then calculate the Payout and House edge of the game, so you can see the effect of your modifications.

The listed price is per game. Addon allowing your users to buy a ticket with a 3 digit or 4 digit number for the lottery draw. Protect the privacy of your website by allowing access to the pages and games only to the registered users!

Addon allowing your users to buy tickets for the raffle. The seamless wallet functionality will cause the games to not use the wallet from the casino database, but to use a remote wallet to retrieve the player balance and to send the BET and WIN values for each player.

Do you want to reward your users for being loyal? You can add any of our games to your existing website. Using our self-hosted REST API, you can open a gaming session for the player, add funds to the player inside the game, remove funds, etc.

At the end of the gaming session, the API will send the funds back to your main website. All our game files and our API code will be hosted on your server. It is mandatory that you buy the games that you want from our website. More details can be found here. This package includes the following: New lobby interface as seen here ; 2. Dedicated page where the player can see all the jackpots, demo here. This page can be displayed in an internet cafe; 3. Players have the option to redeem all the prizes from main page; 4.

You can see the status of all the available prizes in the backend which prizes were given already, which were not , along with RTP and other statistics for each prize pool. The sweepstakes conversion consists in the following modifications: We will add separate box to display the player winnings; 4. Each slot game will use a pool of prizes which will contain 10, prizes. After all the prizes will be given once, the same prizes will be given again, randomly, for the 2nd time.

This will repeat endlessly. This feature available only for the HTML5 slot games. Price is for 1 game conversion and you must buy that game as well. We can translate any game to any language in the world! Contact us with the language desired! Online casinos, also known as virtual casinos, are the online version of land-based They allow you to play casino games through the Internet.

Some online casinos provide Online casinos can for certain games offer better odds than This software designed for the internet, it will serve to The features this software offers Visitors do not need to download anything, runs right Browse our easy to use Professional scripts developed to deliver top notch performance and reliability Offer your website visitors and regulars an engrossing version of the popular casino game Keno without the TD Keno updates and tracks users scores and uses true Users login via their email so you could also use the script to Players can choose from Allow visitors to start their own online Gangster Multiplayer Game and earn money with each The source is so constructed that everyone, even without any Phone payment countries In total, the Crime Builder Source on more than different options, casinos companies, Another unique feature of the Gangster World Source Some other options in the Game Source back to find So that you can run your Earn cash easily by your members simply The game script contains features such as Create your own casino Integrated with fully random card generator will Raffle Script for Casino and Gaming websites.

The application is Perfect for starting an online casino operation with This game guarantees the webmaster E-Gold Heads or Tails is Setup and run the hottest e-gold horse racing batch game from your site.

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