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Jan 3, Posts: What exactly is network blackjack? The cute little "terminate process" option at the bottom let me select and terminate it. Ricksteryup, you are right! As you saw when you shutdown svchost on — see all the relevant services that went down with it. Randy Bell Premium Member join: I keep a fairly close watch on my ports and have yet to see anyone trying to exploit it.

Network Blackjack protocol ?

Network Blackjack protocol ? 4

Does anyone know what the purpose and use of UDP port is? Our purpose was a simple one:. I have a fair amount of this traffic running over.. Summarymacos - How can identify an unknown source of suspicious network traffic on my Mac OS X computer? Post type Port Preferred Common Name; blackjack Puerto Rico, Widespread, Holm et al.

Steve I know your IP address join: You're not seeing "Network Blackjack" and have been mislead by the list of registered ports. This list can only really be read in one direction: But the converse "if you're seeing that port, then it must be the certain application" is not true except for only the most well known services.

In general, for a client to talk to a server, the client must know the IP address and the port number of the service it wishes to interact with: Most of the time, the client has built-in knowledge of this port information, so for instance your web browser knows to hit tcp port 80 to fetch a web page. There is a fair list of these services that are so well known that they are known as "well known services" mouthful!

The point is that the client has to somehow know how to find the server, and most of them are done with well known ports or built in knowledge.

But there are only 64k possible ports and way more than that many possible services, so how do we share these scarce port resources? In addition to the "obvious" applications such as mail or DNS server, your computer often runs a larger list of small services that need to listen for requests from the network.

Sun machines can have dozens of these minor, administrative services that users don't see directly. NFS doesn't reserve a half dozen port numbers, so when each of the various services start up, rather than listen on fixed, predetermined ports like web, mail, DNS, etc. So the system looks around - often starting just at port and finding one that's open.

This means that is often the first one given out. As you saw when you shutdown svchost on — see all the relevant services that went down with it.

I bet if you scan each of those ports, they'll show closed or stealthed too. Rickster , Aug 1, Technodrome , Aug 1, MyNethingieMan, Technodrome, and Rickster Have you tried this program yourself?

Ricksteryup, you are right! Technodromethank you again for your help, and i feel confident i don't have a trojan on either pc now. The "Active Port" program is really sweet!

Do you know if they have an earlier version of that, that would work on Win98se or WinME Technodrome , Aug 2, What are botnets downloading? Minimalist , Aug 30, Minimalist Aug 30, Barracuda Networks ronjor , Jun 25, Retail sector leads in data breaches as criminals target corporate networks ronjor , Apr 5, Your username or email address:

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