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Description of your business: Raphael Cathedral, where friends may greet the family from 9 a. Upon being injured, he returned home to be with Sally, raise his children and in moved to Key West, Iowa which became the family home. It was super popular about 6 months ago. Everyone Loves The Orioles! One at a time.

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Josh is RT's son in law and is married to Mandy. Last year he was head coach at UNK. Maybe it is still archived? There were 3 Tryon Teams entered. Never knew 18 holes could take hours? Remember when we walked and pulled our clubs? We could play 18 holes in 3 hours Prizes galore on every hole Food galore on every hole and Laughs galore on every hole He drove from North Dakota, but he seemed to have left his golf game behind.

Beautiful Day and so much fun There were 33 teams participating Photos by RT and Janet. A Game For The Ages!! Numerous Tryons were present. Dave's pre-dawn Tailgate was a huge success!! The Highwayman bought 10 tickets and spent 10 days in Iowa getting ready for the game Here are a few pictures. Fingers crossed on good weather!! Cassidi's birthday and school starts for the girls!! Our sixth and eight graders!! Cassi is modeling her new, one piece outfit, complete with guinea pig socks, LED ear rings and fancy shoes with lights Alexis went to Mall Of America with friends a week ago!

He went with his buddy, Rich Anyway, it was a big success One For The Thumb Cassidi Gwen's broke her thumb She was getting ready for the State Fair competition and two days before performing, she went to the doctor and x-rays said it was broken. She has a cast for 8 weeks She fell off the balance beam and nearly broke her other hand School starts this week and Thursday is her 12th birthday Yesterday, Cassi, Gwen and Alexis went to the fair Cassi's Infinity Gym finished second in the All-around Most say they would have won it if Cassi was performing..

Cass got a first place last year, but this is a different level Click Photos To Enlarge. Sap Of The Month?? Last year, he spent a few bucks playing a carnival game of skill at the Iowa State Fair He knew he could win Some game involving a washer on a string and a beer bottle Travis and his family were waiting for the gates to open Iowa also has a state lottery and 19 casinos 46 other states allow fantasy sports His prize was a HUGE, stuffed bear Lorrie, not so much It would not fit in his car!!

This is like the Godzilla Of Teddy Bears Check out the pictures We are proud of you!!! Hello eBay or Craig's List?

Gawkers are starting to drive by his Waukee home Click Photos To Enlarge So it was not just athletics!! Click To Enlarge pictures. The write-up of Mandy's accomplishments are on picture No. Congrats to Mandy, Josh and all of her family!! Josh is their offensive coordinator But what a challenging schedule as they enter Division 1.

Most of the photos by Travis. Stokkes Hit Wrigley Field!! This occurred on Saturday, I think, and they saw a great game vs the Washington Nationals Glidden th Celebration Is Big Success!! Parade starts at A good place to watch the parade is from Sandy's backyard. Just bring a lawn chair. Food and drink available at The Park. Watsons and grand kids are attending the Indianola Balloon festivities Travis and his family are also there.

Another gorgeous day in Iowa!! Sap Of The Month!! So I signed up for an online banking type of account and they wanted to verify who I am I had to answer 3 multiple choice questions Which of the following address did you once live at? They gave me 5 choices and one of the answers was None Of The Above Well, I flunked it I think I missed I did not know the address, I think they used that old, little blue house that we ived in for less than a year in Nevada I could not remember the year of the Ford Taurus I drove for a couple of years and I think?

I got the phone number right, but am not sure So one Sunday afternoon in June, I was sitting in my easy chair watching the Orioles lose again, when one of my beautiful grand daughters came up and So Sweetly asked if I could take her to Ames? Well, she wanted to see something Well, immediately the other grand daughter joins us in the car and we are off to Ames About half way there, I ask, "Where are we going?

We walk in and the girls sprint to the back of the store, grab a sales guy and before I know it, they are both hugging guinea pigs I asked them when they saw these guinea pigs last and the answer was?

Seems Gwen made a deal with them, if they did their chores everyday for a week and helped around the house, they could get them I tried to stay out of it, but geeze Well, Grandpa broke down and we went back to the store Petco asked if I wanted to be a club member Does Grandpa Ever Say No?

Then, later that day, I see the girls are "walking" their pigs with their new doll stroller He brought a trunk load of OLD jackets You know, like Bobby Knight used to wear So he collects his money and leaves his stuff with Dan and drives home Wow, Christmas in May for Danny!! People are starting to follow JJ everywhere Kind of like, Pokemon Go, but instead of monsters, it's money you are looking for.

Jerry and Jerilyn took a quick run up to North Dakota this week Great Time In The Mountains!! They camped their way out and back. Gorgeous weather, but a little hot. You can't beat corn on the cob and chicken! Always great food at Grandma's. Photos three and four are from Abilene, Texas and 5 year old Kia. Kia is "working out" with the football team and tubing on a Texas lake. Arizona Rattlers Upset Storm After trailing at halftime, the Storm mounted a furious comeback and just fell short in the United Bowl.

Saturday This ended a Storm 6 year winning the championship streak. The Storm have won 11 titles in 12 years!!! Arizona dominated the old Arena Football League and this was their first year playing in the Indoor League Talk about a rivalry being formed.

Another great season as the Storm end up Congrats To Todd, Wendy and all of the Storm family!! A very nice turnout and the weather was perfect!! Thanks To All For Attending!! It sure was great visiting with everyone. Next year we will be using it as our old one will be torn down. The new one is beautiful.

Air conditioning, indoor rest rooms, perfect for good or poor weather and plenty of room. Even has a TV and looks like some kind of kitchen. I took some pictures and got most of those attending, but missed Tyler's and family as they were busy swimming. There was a wonderful surprise when Travis, Lorrie, Portland and their new baby, Brymlee Rose showed up. Thanks to Maxine for organizing this.

Click photos to enlarge. Home of the Baseball Hall Of Fame!! Then he hit two more the next two days!! Pictured is Scott, sister Emily, Alex and Deb. So who is juicing the baseballs? Super Job, Alex and if you sign Watson Easter In Elk Horn. A few weeks, ago.

Janet, ISU's 1 fan, ironing Hawkeye apparel!? What a nice person!! Believe It Or Not: What a sad day We now have four. Alexis, Cassi, Johnny and Gwen taking photo. Dan and Family Visiting Susie and Family. Summer Fun In Colorado!! Let's Start The Hike!! Wow, Katie Marie, Prom Night!! Everyone Loves The Orioles! Enjoying an I-Cubs game. Donna, Bruce, Cam and Cy!! RT's first stop this a. Happy Birthday, Katie Marie!! Johnny Takes Up Fly Fishing!!

Oops, this fish was caught by Gwen. Little Sister Is Coming Home!! Janet and Connie cheering them on. The Peyton Parker Power Serve!! Susie,,Chris, Bev and Janet. Sofia, Chad and Emily's, trying to pitch like Aunt Julie!! Fun In The Sun!! Sofia, Daughter of Chad and Emily. Granddaughter of Donna and Bruce. Roughnecks At A Japanese Restaurant. Breckin's First Basketball Camp!! Any guess which one he is?

Housing is in big demand and short supply in ND. Before golfing, Double Digit Lynn was presented with a snorkel and swim mask!! A little water trouble, Lynn? Or one of the "Kiddies"? September 29, Cassidi Grace Lutheran Church Spirit Lake. Trudo Home Van Meter. Great Moments In Tryon History!! That "big kid's arm is Ryan's. Calista With Pre-game Interview.

Eating Out In Centerville. Picture Of The Year? Brad-Super Hero Elf on a shelf. Great Time At Tryon Christmas!! Joe, Jerilyn, Janet and Jeff.

Joe, The Highwayman, Jeff. By , the town had become known as Kanesville, named for benefactor Thomas L. Kane , who had helped negotiate in Washington, DC federal permission for the Mormons to use Indian land along the Missouri for their winter encampment of — Built at or next to Caldwell's Camp, Kanesville became the main outfitting point for the Mormon Exodus to Utah , and it is the recognized head end of the Mormon Trail.

Edwin Carter , who would become a noted naturalist in Colorado , worked here from — in a dry goods store. He helped supply Mormon wagon trains. Settlers departing west from Kanesville, into the sparsely settled, unorganized parts of the Territory of Missouri to the Oregon Country and the newly conquered California Territory , through the eventual Nebraska Territory , traveled by wagon trains along the much-storied Oregon , Mormon , or California Trails into the newly expanded United States western lands.

After the first large organized wagon trains left Missouri in , the annual migration waves began in earnest by spring of They built up, thereafter, with the opening of the Mormon Trail until peaking in the later s, when news of railroad's progress had a braking effect.

By the s, virtually all migration wagon trains were passing near the renamed town. The wagon train trails became less important with the advent of the first complete transcontinental railway in , but while trail use diminished after that, their use continued on at lesser rates until late in the nineteenth century. This was where plural marriage first began to be openly practiced. The community was transformed by the California Gold Rush , and the majority of Mormons left for Utah by In , the town was renamed Council Bluffs.

It continued as a major outfitting point on the Missouri River for the Emigrant Trail and Pike's Peak Gold Rush , and entertained a lively steamboat trade. In an anonymous soldier on his way to fight the Dakota Uprising passed through Council Bluffs and described a hardscrabble town:. At Council Bluffs our arrival was greeted by a few rounds from the old six pounder, while the streets were lined with a curiosity-seeking class of humanity, among which could easily be traced the physiognomy of bipeds of almost every clime—all here to make money.

When you understand that this is the great entrepot for emigration across the Plains, you will readily comprehend that this is a good point at which to "take stranger in," and it is done almost every day. Our stay at Council Bluffs was very short two days and I think no one was sorry to leave it. Council Bluffs rather than Omaha was designated by Abraham Lincoln as the official starting point of the transcontinental railroad which was completed in The official "Mile 0" start is at 21st Street and 9th Avenue which is now marked by a gold spike that was used for the promotion of the movie Union Pacific [15] Council Bluffs physical connection to the Transcontinental Railroad was delayed until when the Union Pacific Missouri River Bridge opened railroad cars had to be ferried across the Missouri River from Council Bluffs to Omaha in the early days of the Transcontinental.

The Chicago and North Western Railway arrived Paul and Pacific Railroad. Carter Lake had been cut off by a change in the course of the Missouri River. By the s, Council Bluffs had grown into the country's fifth largest rail center. The railroads helped the city become a center for grain storage, and massive grain elevators continue to mark the city's skyline. During the s, Meyer Lansky operated a greyhound racing track in Council Bluffs.

Restructuring of the railroad industry caused the loss of many jobs after the midth century, as did the restructuring of heavy industry.

Many jobs moved offshore. By the late 20th century the city and region were suffering economic stagnation and a declining population, as they struggled to develop a new economy.

Downtown urban renewal was undertaken to create a new future while emphasizing the strengths of heritage. According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of Council Bluffs covers a unique topographic region originally composed of prairie and savanna in the Loess Hills with extensive wetlands and deciduous forest along the Missouri River.

Lake Manawa State Park is located at the southern edge of the city. As of the census [4] of , there were 62, people, 24, households, and 15, families residing in the city. The population density was 1, There were 26, housing units at an average density of The racial makeup of the city was Hispanic or Latino of any race were 8.

There were 24, households of which The average household size was 2. The median age in the city was The gender makeup of the city was As of the census [19] of , there were 58, people, 22, households, and 15, families residing in the city. There were 24, housing units at an average density of Hispanic or Latino of any race were 4. There were 22, households out of which The median age was 35 years.

For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were Bayliss through the completion of the Chicago and Northwestern. In , the Illinois Central passenger depot opened at 12th St. The area declined as the city's primary retail center after the completion of the Broadway Viaduct, s urban renewal, and the opening of the Kanesville Boulevard U.

Today this area encompasses Billy Caldwell 's settlement of Potawatomi on Indian Creek during the s and Kanesville established by the Mormons as Miller's Hollow in Smith , and Ezra T. The West End is a geographically large area on the flood plain east of the Missouri River and downtown Omaha , Nebraska, west of 10th St. These neighborhoods of long, tree-shaded avenues are divided by the commercial corridor of West Broadway U. Route 6 , once part of the Lincoln Highway.

This stretch of West Broadway has traditionally had several drive-in fast food restaurants and automobile dealerships with several grain elevators adjacent along 1st Avenue. West Broadway ends at the Interstate bridge to downtown Omaha.

Lodging - Hotels, Resorts, etc. RV Parks - Campgrounds Restaurants. Request Free Visitor Guides. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. Contact Info N. Today, the original Mail Boats still deliver the U. Mail to the remote village of Agness, just as they have for over one hundred years, since Our mail boats are consistently judged to be one of the very best attractions in the entire Northwest.

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