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Another enjoyable time the Meadows. Deserts selections including pies are no more. What's your side of the story? Reviewed April 16, I thought it was just me, but after talking to others as well as observing not so crowded weekends, something is wrong there. We take pride in our casino, our employees, our venues, and in our guests.

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Book directly and save. Children ages are half price and ages are the same as our discounted Players Club price. Children three and under are free. The Palace Buffet goes beyond all-you-can-eat. Enjoy endless options of fabulous food. Take part in the preparation. Find all your Southern favorites including Fried Chicken and Catfish, Meatloaf and a variety of home-cooked vegetables.

Build a bowl from the freshest vegetables. Choose your own meat, seafood, sauces and spices. Watch as the chef cooks it in front of you.

Menu items vary by day. Join our Players Club and receive a discount. Plates were square shaped immediately under start areas. To me, this change in layout and tables was a nice improvement. I would guess there were about 20 different items. Ding for having 2 baskets of baguettes which were filled but sign-display only-and 1 hard roll was hard-guess leftover from lunch.

Hot "carvery" selection as I re-call included prime rib, pork filet, salmon , 4 small "Polish" sausages and chicken. I only had med rare prime rib-which were sliced thin normal and it was fine.

Deserts were a small selection. There was a mini doughnut maker; 2 types of cobbler and puddings selections in a parfait glass. Service was very good Compared to Wheeling- Carvery -Much cleaner looking and nice layout and a non-herd mentality for getting food. Wheeling has a larger selection of deserts as the only positive for comparison.

Don't know about Friday sea food selections for Carvery. Remaining Menu Items Most of the menu of the "Terrace" remains and I think price was adjusted up about a 1 dollar for many items. As the Terrace Restaurant, we would get the queen cut prime rib with soup or salad and starch fries at times were lousy for Deserts selections including pies are no more.

Obviously the management determined a change was necessary as "Terrace Restaurant" and to my liking as a good move! Ding-lack of selection for "no sugar" type foods but this isn't the only place for that issue. I know no one at the Meadows and this is my opinion. I love the availability of the machines and ease to play. But I feel that when they are giving something away -- they are very tight. I love the Food Court and it's food selections.

Haven't been to the Terrace since it opened the Carvery. Before the change -- the food was excellent especially the steak. The atmosphere is much better than the Rivers. We live 15 minutes from the Rivers and 60 minutes from the Meadows-- but prefer the Meadows. My boyfriend and I made our first visit to The Meadows and we'd probably be disinclined to go back. We ate at The Carvery and for a recently-opened restaurant they sure weren't very accommodating.

My first issue was being told, after finishing my first Long Island Iced Tea about halfway thru the meal that I couldn't have another for so many minutes due to policy. Quite frankly I felt scolded like a child rather than a year-old adult. Not being big drinkers, my boyfriend and I have a two drink limit when we dine out. However as my boyfriend's drink contained less alcohol, he was good to go, which hey, fine by me - he was driving.

The waitress did ask if I wanted a water after about 10 more minutes And the drink thing wasn't a deal breaker I was just taken aback but the service was substandard and the food so-so. Could they not push 2 tables together? All the tables were either 2- or 4-top so that was a sticky wicket to begin with. Anyway, as a result, the party of 6 spent their meal hopping up to visit each other at the other table.

I would have walked out to start with. I came out ahead - we're not big spenders, so that was a treat. I just wish the dining experience wasn't such a downer.

I have been going to the Meadowlands Casino since it first opened and found the atmosphere and play favorable, up until last summer. Not sure what happened but the machines no longer allow for much play. Seems like if something is being given away Watch out because the machine play is horrible.

Also found that the same patron names seem to be called for drawings I thought it was just me, but after talking to others as well as observing not so crowded weekends, something is wrong there.

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