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They learn how to count cards, and never go any further. For example, standard basic strategy calls for a player to hit his 16 versus a dealer's 10 of the dealer. Programming the dealer's strategy - Visual Basic Volume 2 1. Never double on hard 12 or more or hard 7 or less. Always hit soft 17 or lower.

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This is typical behavior for any unbalanced count: There is an edge at the pivot, no matter the number of decks played. But what we really want to know is when that edge justifies a bet increase.

Another way of looking at this is to say that the deeper we are in the shoe, the higher a win rate any particular RC represents. As modifications to the SCOCALC program to calculate the optimal bet ramp from the data by deck was a major work, I introduced the data into a spread sheet and used a recursive trial and error macro in Visual Basic to determine the optimal bet ramp and score.

The optimal bet ramp shown below rounds the optimal bet to the nearest whole number. Using the same spread sheet I tested my initial recommendation to my readers to avoid increasing the bet until after the first deck had been dealt bet 1 unit during the first deck.

The results were as follows:. As you can see, there is very little cost to this simpler betting method. The next step was to find a simpler optimal bet ramp and an easy way to remember it, keeping in mind that the principal objective of the OPP count was that it should be exceptionally easy to learn and to implement.

The following is an easy-to-remember table using multiples of 2 units that are shifted up with each deck played. There are other variations to OPP that return higher scores but they mean modification of the tag values of the cards.

These more advanced options will be presented in my next article. All other hands clearly fall into one category or the other. Never double on hard 12 or more or hard 7 or less. Late surrender is considered before all other choices after the dealer checks for blackjack. There is no difference between early surrender and late surrender against a dealer 9 or less. Never split tens, fives, and fours Split 99 vs. Ace if the dealer hits soft 17 77 vs.

Never double down or split versus an ace or ten When surrender is not available, splitting pairs is always the first choice to consider. Note that 44 is treated as any other hard 8 unless double after split is allowed. Even in double deck, the removal of two 7s out of the original eight is important.

For this reason, 77 vs. Ace are the only two plays in the T-H Counters' Basic Strategy where the number of decks must be considered in playing the hand. With 44, for a total of hard 8, when double after split is allowed, splitting is preferred over doubling down. When it is allowed, early surrender is the first choice the player needs to make, even before considering insurance when the dealer has an ace.

When surrender is not available, splitting pairs is always the first choice to consider. In single deck, when the player has 77, two of the four cards that could give him a 21 are no longer available. Game Location and character Redraw I need some new graphics for a mobile game. Some game screenshots and a link to video below.

I will choose the freelancer. Details will be shared with winning bidder only. Please do not over bid. I would send you the file s and you would need to: Basically, what i need is a program that runs on all versions of Windows The program should be able to connect to my account using a provided API and should be able to make trades on the account using a strategy that i will provide to you You should have some experience in forex trading and using indicators.

I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. I have already a source code of memory game UNITY , and i want to make it multi-language, also add a sound function ex: Need someone to edit images around and also internet search. Freelancer Trabajo basic blackjack game cpp file 1. Presupuesto Proyectos de precio fijo. Tipo Trabajos locales Trabajos destacados Trabajos de reclutador Trabajos a tiempo completo.

Play the Turbo Blackjack game 2. Place a "Lay" bet for a set stake on the "1 or more has 5 cards" option before round 1. If my "Lay" wins then continue with the same rules onto game 2. If my selection loses then recover my losses in the next game by increasing stakes accordingly. If above wins then return to original plan. If recovery loses on the next game place another bet to recover losses in the last 2 bets.

I will need 5 stages of recovery. Place inital bet B. At each level if losses are recovered then return to original staking plan.

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