You Me At Six - Poker Face Chords & Tabs

If there's something that works and doesn't stink, it's yours. All his clothes are in piles on the floor. A rush of air escapes her, and a faint, "Yes," is buried within it. Way too young to be the roommate in question. My father, Mark Rolff, is a significant donor to the museum.

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Be a Blues Boss

Or browse results titled:. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Game On , Game On preview , Game On single , Divide and rule , and Terror is the law. The Bone Reaper The Fatal Scythe Play or Die Blackjack Demonic 21 All songs have kind of certain line and different games of chance, casino theme, inner monsters and fears of people who seek for simple ways to solve difficult self-problems inspired their conception.

Everyone knows that the most simple way as usual is not the right one, but being under the social pressure force the hero of this album to make aggressive and cruel decisions. His own behavior puts him into a trap of greed, fear and betrayal.

His inner problems appear in images of monsters like Bone Reaper and Fatal Scythe, which hunt him and lead to the deeper layer of his own subconscious. The games that demons make him to play are in general the ways to solve these personal problems. The hero tries this different ways each of which leads to loss of all he earned during his entire life. The labyrinth with no beginning, no end no exit. For comments or additions to the lists, you can email me Bob here.

This website has no connection to any other person named Bob Egan or Robert Whiting Egan either online or offline. For all the songs below: For a beginning piano player, the easiest chords to begin with are songs containing these chords, which are played with three fingers, in a line, on white keys: Once you've learned to pay C , F, and G on a piano: You can also transpose them to the other chords listed.

Also, if it's a 7th chord, you can usually play that as a non-7th chord and he song will sound the same. Those chords are also about the 4 easiest chords to play on a piano since they are all played on white keys in a line, so your fingers hardly have to move.

For this reason, I've marked in bold all the songs with that progression. If you only know how to play open chords and the "F" is difficult, you can transpose any any C, Am, F, G song to a song with these easy-to-play open chords: G, Em, C, D.

I recommend practicing with these songs, because your fingers get accustomed to making the change from one chord to another. Almost all these songs use a combination of chords which are the 1st Chord and the 5th 7 ftrets above it, usually made into a 7th. As a beginner, you can forget the playing the 7th, and just play the G7th, for example, as a G.

It sounds a little off, but not much. The Bo Diddley Beat is often explained as the rhythm of this sentence. The bar blues is one of the most popular in pop music. It originates in blues songs but countless rock songs also use the formula.

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