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This piece of Victoria covers another great section of Australia which you may not have explored in depth before. Great to hear from you. Gary Grant is a great guy who managed Outline and as far as I can determine never had a band with anyone. The port loads around 2, tonnes of Antarctic cargo a year for the Australian research vessel Aurora Australis. Hi Jeff — thanks for getting in touch.


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Are we really that much older? All good Luv from your old house mate, Janette x. Hi There Janette, aaah, Sex Aids eh? That song always got a good reaction…. It was always a good gig there. It really does just seem like yesterday. It was a great part of my life and I always think about that period with great affection….

Forgive my ignorance, but are you the same Janette that shared the house with John, Cath, Mike and I? Your ignorance is forgiven. Hope life has been good to you Phil. Well done Janette…Hey I hope you are well. Hey John told me you are living up near Newcastle.

And I know I speak for everyone in the band, we could never have done it without you and Steve. Not only for all your hard work, but you were an artist on the lights and Steve was super professional and gave us a big sound always. It allowed us do what we did best drink and womanize…… joking: You and Steve helped make Outline the band we were. Great sound and lights…. The rotating lights, the specials, the smoke machines…. Only got a scratch and an arm full of leaves….

I did address you in the post though. Hope all is well with you. Was living in the NT at the time and really wanted to see these guys live but never managed it. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of their magical music?? Would love to hear them again. Hi Kenny, Outline did win this comp. We did Rockarama all dressed up and won. It was an integral part of my teenage years in Northern Tasmania.

A Ebay sale of interest: We were at Five Dock rehearsing and loading up gear for a gig that night. No sign of John.

He was sporting an en egg the size of Luxemburg on his forehead complete with a jagged oozing wound straight out of Night of the Living Devon. We were alarmed, and he was not alert. The womenfolk were repulsed. John would be a serious crowd deterrent if he took the stage with a head like an open can of Pal, but he never missed a beat.

He borrowed some lipstick and drew a massive red lightning bolt over and around the wound, and played the gig like that. In retrospect, that could have been the start of Outline right there: The next afternoon John walked into the police station with his hands up.

John put his hands down, left the police station a free man, and the rest is blurry history. John had a day gig back then tracing cartoons for Hanna Barbera. Once the Outline tapes are sorted, someone ought to trawl through the Hanna Barbera archives.

All the best, John. Dave — you star! You know that was coming back from my 21st. Nothing more was said. True freedom from state oppression and revenue collection. Judging by your photo and tunes, you make Cliff Richard look like Keith Richards and Don Bradman look like a dead cricketer. There will be a memorial service in Leura on Tuesday 2 Oct for anyone who would like to join the family in farewelling Alex.

If you would like further details please let me know. Thanks for the invitation Stephanie. Great to find this. We used to go to the Pickled Parott every week. One day I will dig out my photos. Would be great if somone uploaded more….

Would love to see your photos. Or post them up on their My Space pages. Hi Rosalie — we will be getting an Outline website up soon and will compile all the photos we can. I will post the url as soon as Phil and I have sorted out the site.

For years when i told my mates how i used to go see this crazy and brilliant band called Outline I would only get these quizzical looks or even worse they would start bragging about how many times they saw Radio Birdman or tell me about seeing the Birthday Party when they were still called Boys Next Door, blah blah blah… where was Alan Wood, another Outline fanatic, when i needed him? On other matters, i really hope the official Outline website gets up soon?

Once again, thanks for this great site and thanks to Outline — you were a highly original and inspiring band. I remember a video clip of the band running along city streets and through laneways, think it was the Cities clip.

Some people have attempted to track it down without luck. We will continue the search……. Nonetheless, I just firstly wanted to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to the blog. It is really gratifying to know that a lot of people remember Outline so fondly, and had enjoyed themselves. Some months ago I attended his funeral and while there was sadness, I was really pleased to see that he was held in such high regard by so many people. He was a great guy. Yes he was haunted by his demons but through it all he was a kind, creative person and his legacy will be the 5 kids he imbued with a great sense of love, as well as a group of friends who knew him to be mad and crazy, an incredible musician and a deeply reflective human.

See you in the house band someday mate…. It should be fun. Dee Minor and the Dischords supported Outline quite a few times and we always liked the guys. I think we all shared a similar sense of humour and musicality. Of course, Johnny Sammers has lived in London for the last 30 years or so and is moving back to Oz and we had been discussing the possibility of doing some Outline gigs next year, so without being too specific, that is likely, so watch this space much later in the year…..

I have been really busy of late and have been working with some amazing people — Evi J Willie who has a huge soulful voice — Shane McGrath who is a chops demon guitar player who always amazes me, as well as a bunch of other talented singers and musos.

I am producing a new record for an amazing singer whose name shall at this point remain unknown in July which is very exciting. I also recently recorded a band from Finland, Mika Kuokkanen and Ninni Polijarv who came to Australia to record with me.

My business partner Terry McArthur had worked with them several years ago on a couple of songs, which worked out well. The recordings went very well here. We are trying to help them get a deal here in Oz so I will update this soon. Anyway, I will be back on the blog soon.

We and my mates were such great fans of yours — travelling all over Sydney to see you. We thought you where fantastic, so sad when you broke up. Do you remember once at the Mona Vale pub, after the gig, you came out to the carpark and heard your demo tape playing full bore coming out of our car! You asked us where did we get it from? See you guys there, Cheers, Pjoil. OK, a few months ago when John Sammers was back in Sydney, he and I drove up to my studio in Glenorie far north Sydney and we transferred a few Outline vinyl recordings to digital.

A few weeks back Phil Rigger recently gave me a pile of other Outline singles and one-off recordings and they will be getting transferred to digital tomorrow night Tues 7 May RIP Alex — so nice that we can still hear his wonderful talent in all the recordings…. Sorry to hear about your keyboard player Alex, I am sure he is tinkling away somewhere up there. Let me know when…. Blacky, was a friend of the band, and invited them to come up the coast.

Back to the moondance… What a night! Anyway guys, I hope you are all well and happy, I just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best. Nice to hear from you….. Would love to see Blacky again. Hi John, gig will be on 15th Feb at Bridge Hotel, times to be advised.

Look forward to seeing you when back in Sydney…. Hey Rosalie and Dale, looking forward to seeing Dale again and meeting you. Who knows, if we get the time maybe we could do a warm up gig somewhere……: Seriously thinking of flying down for the benefit concert. If I was on a desert island and could only choose two bands to listen to forever, they would be Steely Dan and Outline. Also, what news on the web site and possible digital issues?

Yes, we have started planning the website and plan to get stuck in after this gig. Hi all you Cicadas! There is now an Outline Facebook page as of tonight! Please visit and like and invite your friends. As it is in its infancy more pics, comments etc will be added so stay tuned. Thanks for sorting this out — it looks great……I might even have to sign up to facebook again so I can make comments lol!

Hi there John, thanks. Well come on then, get the Facey page activated. Its content is growing by the day…. I know Phil and yourself will have a fair bit to contribute too. See you when you arrive in the country…. Bit like the Blues Brothers getting back together…… Rosalie.

Hi, I am trying to contact Gary Grant and I just happened to stumble over your website. Gary would remember me from early INXS days.

Is there any way you could help put me in touch with him? Hi David, drop me an email — phil. Hey one and all….. Looking forward to catching up with a lot of people there too…. Hi Jeff — thanks for getting in touch. Yep, they were great times and we are in the process of doing some gigs again as well as some fresh recordings….. Hope to get up to Coffs! I remember jamming with you guys at the place on Gipps St. Some of the guys there went on to be great musicians. I recognize a lot of them posting.

Hi Gipps Street — yep, they were great days indeed. Hiya looking through this brought back many fond fun times when I wore a younger mans clothes. Gee, Hi Ya Bob! Long time no speakies…. I hope you are well mate.

I also have fond memories of you playing with us in Outline…. Hey contact me on my email address and drop me a line…. Phil and I often talk about you, wondering what happened to you and such…. You remain the only person I know who can sleep through the entire drive to Coffs Harbour while the rest of the band are re-enacting a Cheech and Chong movie…..

Hi Phil R I was in a band called Fridays Child back in the Bayview Tavern days circa …your singer was Jenny and the drummer was ORSM…remember a few sessions at the place in Drummoyne I think…Phil you started to date our lead singer Lynda Rice for a bit…she was sooooo talented…like a lot of folk from our past…you go…what happened to her …or him…anyway…Outline was my favorite band back then…all the best to you cats…..

Outline were my favorite band as a young fella. To this day I still rate them as one of the very best live music performers to come out of this country. Phil R has kindly sent me a collection of songs from the hey days that I will be powering out at our soon to be school reunion …. Just saw this post. Im still playing and teaching,,after all these years. Just got back from the USA yesterday. Hope your all well,,miss ya BO. Hello dude — so fabulous to hear from you. Whereabouts in Old are you?

Also i was in your home town last year. I was recording in upstate NY and took a few days off when my girlfriend came over — we drove up to Boston…….

Hi Ya Bob, Great to hear from you mate. I often reflect back on the time you spent in the band with us with great affection. You funkified us and it was a great vibe having you there. I can remember a number of gigs…. Love to catch up after all these years.

Take care, stay well, Cheers, Phil. I had the opertunity at the time to have been part of the orditions when outline was orditioning for a new drummer at the time when John marks was leaving the band, I had been smoking in the car park at Balmain when a p player asked me where the orditions were held I pointed him in the the direction at the time I had struck up a convisation with him and his name was Mark Azzopardi,I followed him back into the town hall where the orditions has been held.

It was a long drawn out day and many drummers had played when all of a sudden Mark Azzopardi starts playing he also at the time played double foot pedals at the time. As per John Marks and Mark Azzopardi had been students of Dony Sleishmen this young drummer Mark Azzopardi had blown everyone away that day and at the time he was only 17 years old and a family friend of Danny demjenobic who I found out talked Mark into orditioning for outline this kid was amazing young drummer he went on to do some amazing things.

Except I did Google Outline. Which is Jimmy Grant. Mongolian to English translation: If your not overly interested, bail out now, because I tend to wax lengthily.

Ah well, better to be remembered as half of somebody than not at all, eh ….. But you know what I mean. And so he is.

Meeting Graham Gibbs was good, he was also a bass player. He taught me a lot in those hours before the harbour cruise. What joy there was to be had! I silk-screened some posters and Mark, Alex, Garry and I, plastered the surrounding environs with home made water and flour glue and posters.

Some of them were there for years. The night itself was a resounding success, attendance-wise. Law and order-wise, not so much. I think Albert himself, may have saved his life with a broom or something. And neither did the scout hall itself, get away unscathed. I guess we lost our bond. Blasts from multiple pasts. He was also singing a song I wrote.

I thought he had no hope. Amazing what eventuates when you do something for long enough. And you love it. Speaking of which, the last time I saw Harry play, it blew what some have charitably called my mind. The last time I spoke with Gary Buckley, he was in Brisbane, killing it in the jazz scene there.

Which is fitting, because he stole my distortion pedal. A little extreme, though. Somewhere in here not sure where Debbie Spillane called me and asked me to stand in for somebody?

When I showed up to the pub in Stanmore? Eventually the band lived up to its name. Which was sort of a great shame, especially for our young singer, Karen Leslie, who had an absolutely gorgeous voice. As we moved on from each other, out guitarist, Manny, told me that another guitarist, Jimmy Langhan, was looking for a bass player.

So I got in touch. And became happily ensconced in Casablanca mentioned upwardly in dispatches. They were a breath of fresh air. Chord charts for everyone! And you know more about the future than me from there on. So just a few short lines about me to finish off. Which lasted a couple of happy years playing pubs, and slowly petered out. Peter was an excellent bloke who caused no ructions, was a fine guitarist, and being of venerable Chinese stock, gave a truly righteous impersonation of Les Gock.

Later, I was contacted by John J Francis friend of a friend, I guess who was putting a band together and needed a rhythm section. Until my marriage imploded in an unexpectedly vicious way and I just spun out. Termites ate my speakers and amp and drug addicts stole my bass and pissed off to Queensland. I did however get in touch with something I tinkered with just prior to getting married. Read into that what you will, but I embraced it and have been doing so ever since.

About 20 years ago, I dove past what looked, for all the world like a giant pixie, walking hand in hand with a little boy. This was in Woodford, near where I lived and still do He looked eerily familiar the giant pixie, not the boy so I pulled over.

It was Alex, in green leggings and wintery looking slightly camoflagey looking shirts and coats etc. He was a bit jittery and maybe even a little stand-offish, but he knew who I was. He gave me a short lecture on why he was no longer Alex and was now using his true Russian name, Sasha and how to pronounce Lakajev properly.

Pleasantries out of the way, he introduced me to his little boy, Nathan. Then they were off. I did see him advertised in the local paper as playing at a good restaurant in Katoomba, so I went up to watch and eat. And I never saw him after that. While I was speaking to Bim and Chrissy, she mentioned that her brother-in—law had just died.

We somehow joined a lot of disparate dots and her brother-in—law turned out to be Sasha. Shitty timing, so sad. The little boy, all grown up. And his daughter, Marli, who sang in a band called Beaten Bodies. I looked up the band and saw they had an album, so I bought it on line. I wish them well. Anyway, back to me. I had, and continue to have, an interlude in which I self-inflicted a spot of brain damage by smacking my head on a planet.

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