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Wow,, I like it's. This is a game where a boss can be the size of the moon and have eleven health bars. Spice it up even more with customizations like adding your logo. When he returned to the headquarters of the Dark Signers, Roman Goodwin asked him why he did not kill Yusei. Still, it is a lot better than paying real money. The children then gather the candy and small toys. Three seperate hint systems exist for players needing help to find Moons.

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In God of War PS4 , if you accidentally forget to pick up a unique item after an encounter like a Frozen Flame upgrade for the Leviathan Axe , the blacksmiths will put the item in the "Lost Items" section of their shops, where you can claim it at no cost. Magicka 2 , in contrast to the predecessor , allows the player to skip learning complicated Magicks and assign them to Quickslots, which are effectively macro buttons with a cooldown mechanic.

Also, unlike the predecessor again, all checkpoints are automatic and persistent across reboots. Rocket launchers are conspicuously placed even on the harder difficulties right before encounters where they might make things a bit easier.

Since the game as a whole lacks Mook Chivalry on any difficulty higher than normal, you're completely invincible while doing the Zandatsu animation and for long enough afterwards to leave you plenty of leeway to parry attacks enemies were already winding up.

Most of the boss fights have something that makes them drop health or health packs, the only one that doesn't is Sundowner, and you really shouldn't need healing for him. Legends Of Troy gives your health back after three failures, or rather gives health back to the guy you have to protect in a mission when he acts as a suicidal coward.

Hack and Slash Castlevania games: During the final boss in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow , you need to use your magic to counter his, so if you hit him with the opposite magic, it's meter and your health will refill immediately, so as to not leave you unable to fight him.

This is true as well in the Mid Quel Castlevania: This also has midway boss checkpoints, and ones before Press X to Not Die quicktime events. Enemies in Red Steel 2 will stop whatever attack they might be winding up whenever the player executes a finisher.

In fact, the player is entirely invincible during a finisher animation. In Hyrule Warriors , Young Link's main mechanic revolves around staying in Focus Spirit mode for as long as possible, as his regular attacks are rather underwhelming outside of it. Thankfully, in a mechanic unique to him, his Magic Meter stops draining when he's executing a Weak Point Smash preventing it from eating up precious time, and if he runs out of magic in the middle of a combo move he will finish it before ending Focus Spirit, potentially killing enough enemies to refill his magic gauge and thus not end Focus Spirit.

The Magic Meter also stops draining when using his special move which refills it from the SP bar, preventing him from wasting more time than he would gain. Sixteen days later, Patch 4. That's until you get all Gold Cards from the first five worlds, and Sirius reveals himself as the real villain. From that point on, in the earlier big boss fights you'll have to bomb open a little container to grab the Remote Bombs.

In the first three Bomberman Land games if you lose in a minigame too many times the employee will eventually ask you if you want to skip the minigame and get your price instead. Given that many of the game's levels require just the right combination of speed, skill, intelligence, and plain dumb luck, it's nice to have something to keep you from pulling out that last clump of hair.

However, this feature is smart enough to know when a player is killing himself repeatedly to move to the next level. In order to get the offer to skip, Chip must die 10 times in a row, yet he must have played for at least 30 seconds each time. There is also a level where you must build a bridge over a river by using blocks, which you need to navigate all through the level to get them to the water. However if you start with the blocks farthest from the water, you'll discover a pair of swimming fins underneath one of them; alleviating the need to build the bridge!

In Carrie's Order Up! These include never spinning which lets you dodge customers , never missing a dropped coin, always getting the food to the customers before they even start to lose their patience, and completing the round in a limited time. Thankfully, you don't have to do all four in the same playthrough of a round, and can simply focus on one challenge at a time. Similarly, the Secret Character , Calcia, normally requires completing all 20 rounds on a single playthrough, but can also be unlocked simply by accumulating a high overall score across all playthroughs.

To make up for this, failure only sends them back to the beginning of the current screen, each room serving as a checkpoint. Also, dying doesn't subtract any health or use any Auto-Potions.

From the same game, the No-Gear Level where Shantae is mistaken for a princess requires her to sneak past some palace guards, and getting caught sends her all the way back to her room. Eventually, the player can hit a switch that opens the room's front door, significantly reducing the penalty for getting caught. Half-Genie Hero features a magic carpet race level where the player flies over the clouds.

Falling during the race will not send Shantae back to a checkpoint, instead subtracting a small amount of health and sending her right back up while holding her butt with a shocked expression on her face. Also deaths that occur inside the Rikti Warzone only give half as much debt as in any other zone. The addition of the Patrol feature, where you gain a double XP bonus based on how long you are logged out, helps even more. Now, when you die are defeated, some of that bonus is taken away instead.

If the bonus runs out it's business as usual. There's also the streakbreaker feature, which prevents missing too many attacks in a row if your tohit is high enough, it will kick in after one miss. The phone feature meant you could call in a quest when it was done, and get the new quest, rather than traveling back to the quest-giver and then back to the quest location for the next step. In the Korean-made MMO driving game Drift City , if you fail a mission, trying it again slightly lowers the requirements.

Failing again lowers them even more, and so on. Useful for those who aren't yet able to afford enhancements to their car to pass the time-limited missions. In Dynasty Warriors Online , each time you enter a new scenario, you go back to guard rank which allows you to do the rank up quests again. On the chance you don't have a weapon that's level 2 or below which you need the higher rank to be able to use , you get a spear the second you start up again, allowing you to use it until you can use the higher level weapons.

Also, it will always provide you with a generic partner if you haven't requited one. Although , some plays may see that as a problem The Gaia Online minigame Gaia Cards has you playing blackjack against different dealers. Each of them have their own cheat: Fortunately you, as the player, have a frustration meter that, when full, allows you to cheat by looking at the dealer's hand. If you retreat from a quest that you've never finished, then you're refunded the AP that you've spent.

Additionally, if it's a story quest, you get a stat bonus if you retry the quest in the next hour that stacks up to five times. Levels past 80 can be very grindy, so it helps that the uncap doesn't have to be delayed just to grind Extended Mastery.

Some specific weapon types obtained through a lengthy process of grinding and forging i. Awakened Revenant Weapons, Seraphic Weapons cannot be sold, reduced, or used as fodder. A weapon cannot be used as an EXP fodder for its duplicate i. Celeste Claws cannot be used as EXP fodders of other Celeste Claws , since the ideal use of a duplicate, especially SSR weapons, is to uncap another copy and not upgrade it.

The ability to tag weapons and summons as your "Favorites". Not only it acts as a filter for your inventory, it will by default prevent your weapon or summon from being accidentally sold, reduced, or fed to other weapons or summons when using the Auto-Select button of the upgrade menu. For the game's 4th anniversary draw special event, you'd get a roulette once a day where you could get 10 highest chance , 20 almost as high of a chance , 30 decent chance or very low chance draws, completely free of charge.

If, on the last day, you hadn't gotten the draw prize over the course of the event, the roulette would just guarantee you draws.

The puzzles featured in the "Detective Barawa: The Jewel Resort Incident" can be solved by clicking on the "Show Solution" button, as it gives the direct answer instead of providing clues or hints to the puzzles.

In Grand Chase , even if you lose all of your lives and don't continue, you still get to keep your GP, EXP, and quest items and complete quests. An extension of the Me and My Nemesis Quest in Kingdom of Loathing has a fiendishly difficult volcano puzzle that requires a lot of patience and careful mapping to work out.

Fortunately, there's an option to skip it for a loss of 10 adventures if you don't want to go through all that trouble, though you miss out on two of the quest rewards if you do that. The Twin Peak area, released with the revamped level 9 quest, has three actually four puzzles that are atrociously hard to solve, and that may be impossible depending on what items and buffs you have available.

Once you've spent fifty turns in there, however, an adventure will appear that finishes the entire area, though you miss out on the reward for clearing it the hard way. In the original version the naughty sorceress would be less likely to use her ability blocking talents each time she defeated you. Since she also scaled to your stats this could be the only way to defeat her, short of praying for help from the Random Number God for some players who didn't know how her scaling worked and relied heavily on abilities.

Especially in the newer quests, RuneScape has a tendency to have quest givers give you small items that you need to complete the quest. This is especially nice when you've trekked out ten minutes to the dungeon and only then realized that you forgot to grab a hammer or a chisel.

Also, if they ask you to go to a location some distance away, they'll frequently offer to teleport you there, saving some teleport runes or the need to walk that whole distance. This was later expanded with the tool belt allowing your character to permanently carry most basic tools at all time without using up any inventory space. In the mid-to-high level quest Monkey Madness, the player has to solve an infuriating sliding puzzle early on - however, if sliding puzzles aren't your speed, you can bribe the former gnome glider commander to unlock the hangar remotely and save you the trouble.

The Old Republic implemented a whole list of these in patch 1. MapleStory has a few in its new Black Heaven content. If you fail enough times at flying the airplane or escaping from a killer robot, you're given the option of outright skipping the segments.

World of Warcraft has several of these: In the base game, one of the things that helped it become popular was that, for its time , the game had a lot of anti-frustration features compared to a lot of MMORPGs at the time.

The fact that you could level up to 60 max a the time by yourself. Dying in World of Warcraft was significantly less traumatic than in other games. Most other games, upon death, your body would explode into a pile of loot with only a few items that would remain your inventory and you would be given either an XP Debt or a flat out penalty to xp.

Once you gained experience, your experience would stay. This, along with the fact that items would stay in your inventory was a big thing at the time. Quests were marked by NPCs having quest markers on them. Before, you had to speak to an NPC to see if they had a quest. Gatherable resources like Ores and Herbs could be tracked by players and would appear on the mini-map. For that matter, player-caused deaths did not cause durability loss. The concept of soulbound gear and resources was another one itself.

Most other MMORPGs at the time allowed virtually any item to be traded and thus sold to players, and sometimes they didn't even have a minimum requirement to equip the item. Thus, players would save their suits of gear and give it to a lower level player and cause them to receive a massive competitive advantage. Most items could only be used by one player, even the high quality items you could transfer.

This backfired somewhat as it often caused mobs to instantly respawn on top of players, especially in the first weeks of the expansion, preventing them from resting or looting and making crowded areas an exercise in Attack! Still, it beats the old days when crowding made certain quests a matter of racing other players for infrequent spawns. One of the reasons that quest items cannot be sold to vendors is that they often look identical to Vendor Trash items, and no one wants to try to complete a quest only to learn that they accidentally sold their " Pristine Bear Tooth " and are trying to hand in an ordinary animal tooth.

In the original game going to a dungeon involved finding five people on your server willing to go. Then every one of you would have to make your way to the dungeon, for the first forty levels by foot.

This dungeon could be located on a different continent. If someone dropped out after you'd arrived, a lot of time was wasted. If you had a warlock only three people had to come themselves, and the others could be summoned. Many of the dungeons were also surrounded by labyrinthine tunnels, often full of elite units. Eventually meeting stones were introduced, located near to dungeons, and allowed two players to summon the rest.

The newer dungeons also tended to be located in less inconvenient places, and the final boss was located near an alternate route to the exit so players didn't have to go all the way back through the often very large dungeons to leave. All of this pales beside the changes worked during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It introduced the "dungeon finder" system.

A player puts their name on it as their character type, and the game automatically searches through everyone in the system on all servers in the same geographical area, enabling players to sign up and then carry on with other tasks until a group is found. Once that's done, it gives party members the temporary ability to teleport between the dungeon and wherever they were.

Originally healing characters were completely worthless when not in a group, having no damage to speak of and taking signficiantly longer to destroy anything solo. Part of this was because their gear only boosted healing power, not damage, and even if they tried to get a set of damage boosting gear it would never be as powerful. Healers were still not able to dish out nearly the damage of DPS, but at least they weren't completely worthless! This was particularly brutal since there were a number of solo class missions in early WoW which were required to get special skills or abilities.

These solo missions were usually designed to be somewhat challenging to make one 'earn' the ability, however, they didn't always consider specialization when being designed. What was a 'slightly challenging' fight for a more solo-friendly spec could be brutal for a healer of equal gear. These solo missions were phased out after 'burning crusade'.

The Dual spec ability further addressed this issue. With the ability to switch between specialties healers could now have a separate damage spec that was used for solo content. Some may choose to still not have a solo spec, for instance having a tank and healing spec, but at least they have more flexibility to run solo-capable specs if they choose. Dual Spec has been done away, now it's possible to change specs any time in a rest area with the action bar layouts saving.

Several of these were implemented to cut down on the Fake Difficulty present in "Vanilla" and Burning Crusade, Not that people who played during those times are willing to admit it: Allowing people to purchase gear that can get them ready for the current raid everybody wants to run.

Because we learned the hard way the playerbase has a tendency to declare themselves "Done" with content regardless of whether or not their friends still needed something , a lot of people would be stuck asking around to do the raids they needed when the people who were more than geared to do it wouldn't lift a finger to help because they were sick of it or didn't need the gear and having to get lucky and hope a group forms.

Vanilla and Burning Crusade had a problem with this, when players would be accused of being The Load on Serpenshire Cavern or Black Temple because they weren't geared enough but nobody wanted to run Karazhan to help them get the gear they needed, resulting in them having to sit around cities asking for help or bribing guild-members to run. Reducing the requirements for Heroics. In Burning Crusade, the heroics required you to run the dungeon enough so that you are revered with the appropriate faction and can purchase the heroic key.

Sure enough, players declared themselves "done" with the Normals and decided that the people who still didn't have their heroic keys didn't need their help, resulting in them getting stuck , being unable to get gear that guilds would accept before letting them even step in Karazhan but requiring on random groups to be forming in trade chats or having to be rich enough to bribe people to run normals with them.

Cataclysm brought back requirements for heroics, but even then, it was far more doable than in Burning Crusade, thanks to the addition of the Dungeon Finder. Reducing the number of people that are run by raids in general. Anyone who says they liked 40 man raids better has clearly never tried to corral 40 people through Molten Core and had 40 people living in different time zones syncing their weekly schedules up so they can all run at once.

Never again was " Where's Mankrik's wife? In the Cataclysm expansion, most new dungeons were given a teleporter that allowed you to skip to various points in the dungeon if you wipe and have to run back in, and this feature was also present in some raid dungeons. For example, in Grim Batol, once you defeat the second boss, the drakes near the entrance will fly you to the end of his hall, and after defeating the third boss, the drakes will take you to where you fought him.

In some Mists of Pandaria dungeons, if you wipe and re-enter the dungeon you will appear at the location of the last boss you defeated, obviating the need to have teleporters. On the other hand, that can be frustrating in and of itself, as there might not be an exit near where you come in, thus meaning you will have to teleport out if your gear is broken, no one is nearby to repair it, and the exit is far away.

Many bosses in various dungeons have a mechanic to reset them. Normally, hostile NPCs in dungeons will pursue fleeing players until the players are dead or have left the dungeon. If a group gets wiped out to the last man by a tough boss, regrouping can be a slow, annoying process. Fortunately, some bosses will not pursue fleeing players to the ends of the earth.

Instead, they'll despawn when pulled out of their throne room and reappear in their starting point a few minutes later, so any surviving players may have a few minutes to resurrect their fallen teammates in peace, saving a lot of time and aggravation.

Note that some bosses don't do this, and some bosses trap players in with them when the encounter starts, meaning that there's no middle ground between victory or death, so this may be a Good Bad Bug. The total lack of any anti-frustration features is why the archaeology secondary profession is so loathed.

There is no ability to focus on digsites you want, save for an item that increases your chances of getting Mantid digsites after the Mantid archaeology branch was introduced. You only get 4 digsites a continent and what site you get after clearing one is determined purely by RNG, no relation to how many rares or commons you have completed of a race even if you have all of them it won't stop them from appearing just as frequently.

The digsites you get on a continent are selected from a handful of preexisting sites so on a continent that is "balanced" toward a particular race this can be aggravating. There are only 4 continents and each continent has at least one race exclusive to them Outland has Draenei and Orcs, Northrend has Vykrul and Nerubian digsites which exist off Northrend but are exceedingly rare, Kalimdor has Nightelves which again are exceedingly rare outside this continent and Tol'vir and Eastern Kingdoms has Dwarves so you don't have an option to leave if you want a particular race.

Also Troll digsites are common enough in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend that they just get in the way. Archaeology has received several anti-frustration measures over time. Individual artifacts now give you between five and nine fragments instead of three to five, allowing you to complete projects quicker.

Each dig site lets you dig up six artifacts at a time instead of three, meaning that you spend more time actually at the dig sites instead of flying between them. Completed Mists of Pandaria projects can be traded in for fragments for another race of your choosing. Most importantly, the chance of getting a dig site for a faction once you have already completed all of their projects is significantly reduced.

However, since the chance of receiving a rare project is still low you can easily be stuck collecting Night Elf fragments from all over Kalimdor because it never gives you to last project that you need In the Looking for Raid feature, starting with Patch 5.

This can help in raids in which some players are undergeared, although many will quit in frustration before getting more than a few stacks. Increasing the amount of money dropped as expansions went on. This made things like getting the maximum level of riding for your mount much much easier.

Mists of Pandaria introduced the Proving Grounds, an area where your character goes, selects a role tank, dps, or heal and fulfills that role with a group of 4 NPCs against an enemy encounter that does a reasonably good job of replicating a series of dungeon fights. To be able to queue for more difficult dungeons as that role you need to have completed it on the silver difficulty level.

This has the twin benefits of letting people get a little practice with a new role without screwing other people over, and ensures that you'll be grouped only with people who are at least capable of being halfway competent. Mists of Pandaria 's Siege of Orgrimmar expansion introduced 'flexible raids', which automatically scale bosses to allow raid groups containing anywhere from 10 to 25 members.

This means that if 14 players from your guild want to raid then you don't have to exclude four of them due to an Arbitrary Headcount Limit. This system will be expanded upon in the next expansion to become the default option for raids. While this mechanic is rather common amongst MMORPGs today and likely not even the first one to do it , the fact that you didn't lose experience upon death was a massive headache-reliever of the day.

The worst you had to worry about as a punishment for death was your gear eventually breaking and having to spend money to repair it. Additionally, a death by a player's hand didn't cause damage to your equipment, nor did it cause you to lose your items you worked very hard to obtain. Having learned from Warlords of Draenor where bodyguards didn't level up while accompanying players, in Legion bodyguards earn experience for every quest you complete, meaning you can have a fulltime bodyguard while leveling without having to spend an eternity catching them up to your other champions.

Want to level a new character but don't want to deal with the hassle of slowly leveling them up? You can buy the appropriate heirlooms for their class without having to even mail them as your alts can create their own copy , and get over fifty percent more experience from everything. Furthermore, heirlooms can be upgraded to be usable until you reach the current expansion.

For over a decade, if you needed to kill something but someone else hit it first, you'd get no credit and no loot. As of Legion , up to five players can "tag" an enemy and receive credit for killing it, greatly easing questing in busy areas. This was also applied to resource nodes like herbs and mineral veins. Final Fantasy XIV Failing instanced story battles will have your character blessed by the power of "Echo" which increases your health, damage, healing and defense.

Repeatedly failing will give you even more stacks of Echo until you're strong enough to just flatten the event. If your character is at level 10 or lower, repairing your gear won't cost you any money, which is perfect for new players who probably don't have much money to begin with. Accidentally sold an item?

You can buy it back at the same price you sold it for. A patch introduced an anti frustration feature for a Summoner's pets; any damage they take from an AOE attack will be lessened for the pet since they typically can't move out of the way fast enough.

A very welcome host of these features are in the dungeons groups made with the Duty Finder. Not only does the game offer bonus experience upon completion if it is completed quickly with someone that's new to that dungeon in the group thereby forcing the other players to not only keep that newbie, but to also aid the new player to understand the encounters, since that bonus applies for everyone in the group , but kicking someone out of the group out of spite is punishable via the terms of service.

The latter is a known problem in some other MMOs where simple everyday screw ups results in being instakicked before they can even blink, and FF 14 seems to be the first MMO to actively address these kinds of "dismissals", especially in this manner.

In short, you need to have a really good reason for kicking a member from your groups, and the rule is a VERY welcome addition to those that have experienced the kick happy PUG groups in other MMOs. Many of a Stationary Boss show up in several raids, which would make attacks requiring the correct positional impossible.

In those cases, the boss is programed to always be "facing" from the side and from the rear so that your attacks are always effective despite the boss not actually facing those directions. Aura Kingdom Failure to enhance a weapon does not drop the enhancement level at all nor will it break.

Instead, you gain potential. They are also shared through your character accounts. Though the success rate, as you might guess, is a bit on the low side Still costs a lot of money, but at least there is a guarantee that you can get one.

Instead of limiting dungeon runs per day like x-legend's other game Eden Eternal , they are limited to up to one-three times per specific hour 1, 2, 6, 12, You no longer have to buy a cash shop item to reset your character's stats or envoy's path.

You can freely reset your character's stats, while resetting envoy's path will cost gold to do so. Still, it is a lot better than paying real money.

Guild Wars did not feature a durability mechanic, and instead punished you for dying with a "Weakness" debuff that would slowly go away with every enemy you killed - not every enemy group , every enemy. This meant that while you still were punished for dying, the punishment was far less annoying than losing your entire inventory. In Guild Wars 2 , the Desperation Attack in the form of downed skills is this, as it gives players a chance to recover after getting their HP depleted and avoid death.

All classes also share a common Downed Skill, Bandage, which slowly puts them back on their feet. Very handy if you have run out of enemies to kill for a Rally, have no allies to help revive you, or the fight has moved somewhere else leaving both sides too busy to finish or help you. Additionally, when you are downed underwater, you either go to the surface to slowly recover or can use Bandage - with Bandage now letting you also move around as you are not immobile unlike when you are downed on land.

This lets you swim away and recover if swimming to the surface is unavailable. Also one of the personal story missions for those who chose to join the Durmand Priory involves a mandatory jumping puzzle, which can be frustrating for those who don't enjoy that sort of thing, as normally jumping puzzles are entirely optional. Thankfully, your mentor highlights the path you need to jump, and if you take too long, she just opens a portal for you instead.

Frustratingly, while the earlier and more challenging puzzle — crossing a chasm via a narrow path with a side wind blowing — can also be skipped, the way to do it is not obvious. When you fall, you are teleported to the entrance in a downed state. To skip the puzzle, instead of healing yourself from the downed state, you need to let yourself die and choose "Retry from a checkpoint", which will teleport you beyond the chasm.

In the case of many Jumping Puzzles, having a Mesmer Or Scourge there or being one yourself might be considered this due to their portal ability, allowing people to completely skip everything as long as the Mesmer is able to complete it Against bosses with strong AOE attacks that players can dodge but AI-controlled units can't, most of the time these units take greatly reduced damage or are sometimes immune to them notable in Fractals where only players are subject to agony.

Speaking of Fractals, Subject 6 is a special case: Uncontrollable AIs will always attack the boss until their destruction, but their attacks aren't counted when the boss enters its blocking stance. Also, Pizzawitch deliveries are done in part to find the rare ryo coins you need for upgrading your gear, but there's very low chance of getting one on higher difficulties.

However, once you've done 20 deliveries of a certain difficulty, you have the option to "work in the back" on another person's delivery, giving you a one-click option to earn tips and possibly coins with the added option of bribing them to increase the chance of getting a coin. Also, any turf you've conquered can be "multidueled", where you expend several duels at once and get an equal reward multiplier. You can also play multiple Retail shifts at once, and play multiple Mahjong and Hanafuda games.

Saves time when you're grinding. In Kingdom of Loathing , the Level 12 quest Island of Mystery war involves fighting enemies on the Battlefield while wearing one of two specific outfits. If the player doesn't have either outfit, a noncombat adventure in the Arid, Extra-Dry Desert will provide a full set for one of them. Season 4 brought a host of these features for support classes. The support job was to help protect and build up an initially-vulnerable Carry, into a late game powerhouse Unfortunately this was done at the expense of the support, leaving them weak and under performing at end-game without the money to buy any interesting tools.

Numerous changes were made to increase the fun level of supports. The biggest changes were the adding of items that significantly increased money income for supports, while being worthless to non-supports, and limiting the number of wards a support could carry, while giving limited use free wards to everyone, to encourage spreading out the responsibility of warding to the entire team rather then making the support do it entirely. If two or more players disconnect from a Co-Op vs AI game, some AI players will 'go afk' as well and just sit in their base to even the teams back up a bit.

If so, within the start of the game the afk player's team can vote to end the match prematurely, ending in draw for everyone and penalizing the afk-er. In Heroes of the Storm , if an ally disconnects from a game, their role will be picked up by the computer so that you still have a full active team instead of having one or more players parked in your base.

AI players will even attempt to respond to player pings. IOS game Badland has liberal use of checkpoints and dying automatically reloads you back to the last checkpoint within a second.

The death itself is also very relaxed: Binary Boy for PC. It's short, but has to be completed in one sitting. As such, there are checkpoints after virtually every obstacle in your path and when you die, your character simply drifts down from the screen like a falling leaf until he lands right before the current obstacle. Enemy bullets are ordinarily white in the classic NES version of Contra. For the almost entirely-white Snow Field stage, enemy bullets are changed to red so the player can still see where they're coming from.

In the first three Crash Bandicoot games, if you failed at a level a certain number of times, the game would give you a free Aku Aku mask an extra hit point. Fail a few more times, and it would give you a golden one two hit points. Fail a few more times after that and it would start you off with temporary invincibility. Continued failures also sometimes turned some of the '? Distorted Travesty allows you to change the difficulty level whenever you die If you run out of ammo in Earthworm Jim , the ammo will slowly refill, but only up to shots, which translates to about a second or 2 of rapid fire, the only possible firing mode.

In Epic Mickey , Mickey's reserves of Paint or Thinner will slowly refill to one-third of their maximum if they ever fall below the amount.

The last level of Freeze ME is a lot more linear than the other levels, so it uses the game's Teleporters as checkpoints to prevent the player from having to redo large sections of the level before they gain the ability to fly. In I Wanna Be the Guy and its spinoffs , it is usually very easy to accidentally save in an Unwinnable situation. Unless you regularly backup your savefiles or use the savefile editor program a fan eventually created, you're out of luck. However, one fangame— Pickory —automatically backs up your old saves and lets you undo a bad save just by pressing backspace.

While not actually a game feature, the creator of the original I Wanna Be the Guy will fix any unwinnable saves for you. I Wanna be the Boshy gives you an extra jump if you reload after saving in midair. This is actually needed to progress in some sections. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will let you skip ahead to the next stage if you die too many times in one level.

In Kirby's Return to Dream Land , if you die during the second phase of the Final Boss or the second phase of the Metal General EX battle, you'll completely skip the first phase upon re-entering the boss room. One of this phase's first attacks is throwing a bunch of mooks at you.

The first one spawned will always carry the copy ability you had to ditch in the previous phase of the fight due to you having to use Super Copy Abilities if you entered battle with one.

This means you can get your Tornado ability back and not be stuck with having to inhale and spit stars at the boss. This gets inverted while in the sub-stages marked by the star-shaped portals. Throughout this game and the series in general a door is usually a checkpoint, but not the ones that separate the obstacle course and mini-boss areas.

If you lose to the mini-boss, you get kicked out of the sub-stage entirely. If you lose your copy ability and re-inhale it at the same time as you inhale a regular enemy that also contains a copy ability, you'll always regain your original ability when you swallow them. Unless the enemy you inhaled was a defeated mini-boss—then the mini-boss' power takes precedence. That's because mini-boss abilities are almost always required to get an item in the next area, and it's common to ditch the power you used to fight the boss to grab them.

Kirby Star Allies Objects which require an ability that you don't get from a miniboss usually have an ability pedestal you can use to either take the ability yourself or spawn a Friend with that ability to deal with the object.

Objects which require multiple characters have a plate which shows how many you require; should this be early in the area, respawning enemies will be present to help round out your ranks, even if they have to spawn in front of you. The pedestal for the Star Allies Sparkler requires a full party of four.

If you enter the area or defeat Hyness without a full team, Friend candidates will spawn in until you have enough. This allows you to use the pedestal without having to leave the stage. Most Metroid games in general tend to bias Random Drops items in favor of items that you need. If you're low on health, you'll see more health pickups.

In some of them such as Super Metroid , if you are full on a certain item such as missiles, it will no longer appear at all, allowing other items to fill its place. Fusion , missiles are required to kill a Core-X everything else will go down to the Charge Beam eventually.

Fortunately, just shooting a Core-X with a beam weapon will cause both health and missile X's to fly out of it like candy. Realizing that " Nintendo Hard Platformer " is a frustrating enough formula, the developers of Mirror's Edge added completely unnecessary and impractical for the enemy visible-to-naked-eye laser sights to all enemy-wielded sniper rifles, giving the player at least a vague idea where they should run without being one-hit-killed by an enemy they could neither reach, nor even see.

The aesthetics of the game are also usually stark white with very noticeable splashes of color marking out the path the player should take through the level. In addition, dying three times on the final Escape Sequence causes the spikes to turn green and only do one damage, in addition to giving you more time. Mega Man Legends gives you the option to retreat and restock before facing the Balcon Gelede: While you can only have four of them, Sub Tanks are refillable by collecting health pickups when you're already at full health, compared to the one-time use E-Tanks.

The PS 1 games limit you to two Sub Tanks, but allow collecting health pickups to refill your tanks even if you're not at full health. Later games used a Life Meter , making it unneeded, although at times if you died in a mission with a 'Do Something X Times' theme, it would let you keep the ones you did already.

Enemies can also occasionally drop lives and the game seems to show mercy by MASSIVELY increasing the chance of this happening if you're low on them and have been dying a lot. Notably it might throw you a bone and let enemies in a row drop them if you're on your last. One case in particular: He has a really annoying habit of waking up just after you pick his pocket and catching you, making you fail the mission.

However, the game always counts your successful attempt when it starts the mission over, which is probably the only reason anyone's finished the game. That, and Bentley automatically escapes when he gets the last one. Upon a Game Over you are booted back to the beginning of the world and all the levels you beat are unbeaten. However, doors unlocked by defeating castles remain open allowing you to skip half the world if you were over half-way and Toad's Houses are also restored so you can stock up on some items.

The area contains a pipe which takes you to another screen that gives a free power-up which, since it's in another area, not only restores all the? Even if you die or run out of time, the stage also contains a very easy to acquire free life. Super Mario Maker has a rule that you must beat your own stage to upload it, and allows anyone to download your stage and plop it into the level editor to see how it ticks and even change it.

The former means level designers are limited by their own skill level when it comes to difficulty and outright prevents Unwinnable by Design troll levels. The latter means that if a designer decides to circumvent this rule by hiding an easy but well-hidden shortcut for themselves, it will swiftly be found and pointed out in the comments for everyone to use.

Any Regional Coins you collect are saved the moment you get them, as well as any Moon fragments found in other stages and any fruits that Yoshi eats in the kingdoms he's found in. This means if you die, you don't have to recollect any of this stuff. Because of this, dying in a level is much less of a hassle than it used to be.

Cappy will tell you if a secret level has any Power Moons or Regional Coins left to find in it. If Cappy says "There looks like there isn't anything left to do here", a player will know to move on. Capturing an underwater enemy and then leaving its body will automatically refill Mario's air meter, meaning Cheep Cheeps are a useful alternative to air bubbles in certain situations. Three seperate hint systems exist for players needing help to find Moons.

These are Hint Toad who marks a Moon location on the map for 50 coins , Talkatoo who adds the name of a random uncollected Moon to your Moon list for free and Uncle Amiibo who is only usable by scanning an amiibo, but gives even more advice.

This means a stuck player can eventually get both a description of the Moon and its general location if they just can't find it on their own. In the postgame, you can buy Moons from the Crazy Cap stores for coins each. Hence you've got a way to unlock the postgame kingdoms and costumes even if you can't beat all the missions.

Captured enemies will become stunned if Mario exists them, meaning he can Capture them again or get away without the possibility of being attacked. They'll also warp back to their original location after a certain amount of time, making it easy to find them again for later.

The original SNES version disables the time limit upon reaching the Final Boss as the status bar cannot be displayed during the battle due to technical restraints involving Mode 7, and the boss itself has multiple phases that can last a while. This technical limitation no longer exists in the GBA remake, but the game gives you seconds in the final stage as opposed to the original's to make up for it.

When you complete a level in the Something series , the game automatically brings up the save prompt. In the original game, the game only saves after a Ghost House, Castle or Fortess completion. Failing the same level seven times in the New Super Mario Bros. If you hit it, Luigi will beat the level for you, allowing you to skip it. Doing this a single time screws you out of a Cosmetic Award though. Since the Manta Ray boss at Sirena Beach splits into three every time you spray it, you can easily end up with the entire level swarming with tiny versions of the boss that, rather than actively chase you, just sort of meander around aimlessly.

However once you've left but the smallest versions of the creature, they turn pink and begin homing in on you so you don't have to run all around the stage trying to find the last few of them. The game also has the decency to hide at least one free and easy to obtain Extra Life provided you can find it in every single one of the infamously difficult "Secret" sub-levels, since you typically have to complete a challenge to even start the sub-level.

Since some of these challenges are as arduous as the sub-level itself looking at you , Secret of the Village Underside , you're at least given unlimited attempts at the sub-level itself. Sonic the Hedgehog One of Sonic the Hedgehog's signature abilities, the Spin Dash, came about because of one of these. In the original game , the only way for Sonic to gain speed was to run forward, which made some stages frustrating, as the player would have to backtrack through the level if they didn't have enough speed to clear an obstacle.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 fixed this by giving Sonic the Spin Dash, which allowed him to accelerate to full speed from a standstill. The Spin Dash has been used by almost every Sonic game since then, and some ports of the original Sonic give you the option to turn on Spin Dash for it. During some boss fights, the players can gain level 3 with one orb container. Sonic Erazor has the Hard Part Skipper , a device that's placed before especially difficult parts that will skip them, though you lose all your rings and power-ups in the process.

Sonic Mania Most of the level layouts, enemies and obstacles taken from previous games have been toned down in difficulty, starting with the platforming sequence from Green Hill Act 2 that now has a bed of spikes instead of a bottomless pit. Mechanics that slowed the pace too much, such as the elevators from Flying Battery, have been left out as well.

Furthermore, Eggman's AI for it is also pretty bad, so as to give the player a good chance to win since it's an early-game boss and players may not be familiar with the source material and its strategies. The Final Boss area is considered separate from the atrociously long Marathon Level that precedes it, and resets the timer upon entering the area, as well as setting a checkpoint right before the boss.

Though the Special Stages have a simulated low draw distance, the Chaos Emerald-carrying UFO always remains visible regardless of how far away it is, preventing the player from losing track of it. In Oil Ocean Zone Act 2, entering a submarine and then exiting it will reset the ring-stealing toxic fumes.

Additionally, the fumes mechanic is removed completely for the boss fight. At the start of the True Final Boss fight that is only playable after getting all seven Chaos Emeralds, just before your character turns Super , they are silently given a Lightning Shield to help collect the rings that fly across the stage.

Sonic Unleashed and every Sonic game since then puts a sign over a Bottomless Pit , indicating which pits are bottomless and which aren't, avoiding players having to find out for themselves through trial and error. Super Meat Boy , being the Nintendo Hard twitch-platformer it is, has very quick, automatic respawns after death. The levels themselves are short, from 15 seconds to 90 seconds, so that after you die, you don't have to go through too much again.

Various little side-quests when you get too frustrated with the main game, like beating past levels in record time, collecting bandages to unlock new playable characters, or playing through retro-styled "warp zones". When you finally do beat a level, the game then shows you a replay of all your past lives doing the level simultaneously, which is good for showing you where the hardest parts of the level were.

It's also kinda hilarious to see a ton of Meat Boys get shredded to half their number by a giant saw. In The Adventures of Lomax , the game is very generous in providing plenty of pots that pop out of the ground and contain either spare helmets which work as a Single-Use Shield and enable you to use several of the abilities or additional uses of an ability.

It helps in situations where lacking a helmet or an ability would make the level Unwinnable , and in crucial moments, these pots will keep infinitely reappearing if you run out of either. In TY the Tasmanian Tiger , if you already have Opals in a level leaving just one left and grab an Opal Magnet, the last Opal will fly directly to you from wherever it is unless it's in a crate. Yoshi's Woolly World has "Mellow Mode", which gives Yoshi wings so he can constantly float in mid-air by holding the jump button rather than his usual, temporary flutter , provides more hearts from health sources, starts over the boss battles at the beginning rather than the last checkpoint, and if you die a certain number of times, you're given an egg which makes you invulnerable.

There are also optional badges you can equip before start a level which can show hidden items, bounce you out of bottomless pits, and make you invulnerable to lava and fire, all usable in regular and mellow mode. Rayman has what the developers call " Coyote Time ", where you're given a grace period after leaving a ledge to perform the jump. In King of Thieves , if you find yourself getting killed repeatedly by the same trap in an opposing player's dungeon, that trap will be removed for free until you either complete the dungeon or give up.

Rabi-Ribi 's "Dodge Master" achievement series requires defeating bosses with no damage taken. However, several particularly-long late-game bosses will allow you to take one to three hits depending on the boss and still get the achievement. The first time you use it, you're given a cryptic hint on how to beat the puzzle you last encountered. Using the book a second time tells you what you need to do, and using it a third time simply solves the puzzle for you.

All three times, the book will also transport you right back to the puzzle. You can even use the hint book without penalty on every puzzle except the last one, despite what the manual tells you.

These days, this hint book is the only way to beat the Microscope puzzle , which is based on AI intelligence - not a problem in the Windows 3. Bendy and the Ink Machine has a few: There have been countless versions of Breakout , a game in which you attempt to destroy a brick wall by bouncing a ball off your side-scrolling paddle against said wall, taking out a brick with each hit. One version will let a player try to get the very last brick on each level, but will eventually destroy the thing automatically and move on to the next level.

One variant of Breakout is called Baku Baku Block. There are many different versions of it, but the basic idea is, instead of having blocks, it has a picture, which you "destroy" to reveal a different picture behind it. Naturally, this lends itself to H-Games.

Almost all versions automatically detect when a part of the scene is unchanged and consider those parts to be pre-destroyed, to prevent it from being impossible to see where certain blocks are. Hyperballoid makes a special bonus float repeatedly down if three or less blocks are left in the level; catching it instantly teleports you to the next one, so you don't have to repeatedly try to send the ball exactly right to hit the one remaining brick.

There is a small points bonus if you avoid the teleport drops and break all the blocks anyway. Magic Orbz eventually zaps the last few blocks in a level with lightning if the player is unable to hit anything with the ball within one minute. Alpha Bounce has the Javelin, a weapon that is normally accessible via a power-up that destroys an entire column of blocks.

When you get down to the last few blocks, however, it becomes freely accessible after a charging period, which gets shorter as you get closer to zero blocks remaining. One Looney Tunes Game Boy Color game had a slider puzzle the kind where you have to slide a bunch of tiles around to make a picture.

After enough tries, you could ask another character to do it for you. Portal makes use of AFFs throughout both games. If you fall towards an open floor portal that you'd otherwise slightly miss, the game will nudge you towards it. You can move out of an infinite fall in a way that would not be possible in real life. You can't take fall damage, so you could fall for a while if you felt like it.

Justified by the player character, Chell, wearing leg springs specifically to prevent fall damage in-universe. You can't slice yourself in half by placing a new portal when you're halfway through one.

The game will bend thermal discouragement beams to account for portals that are just a little bit off, either between the source and the in-portal, or the out-portal and the target. The second game has two specific instances near the end of the game where you only have one shot to place a portal. For these particular instances, if you accidentally fire the wrong colored portal, the other one will silently take its place.

Tetris Blast 's Contest mode will give you a break if you managed to destroy almost the entire stack of blocks. If only a few blocks remain, the next several pieces you get will be made entirely of bomb blocks, enabling you to quickly make a big bomb and finish the level. Later games tinker with the randomizer so as to prevent issues like the same piece spawning again and again, or a crucial piece not dropping: The games also heavily bias the randomizer against dealing a piece that has occurred in the last four pieces, so droughts of a single piece such as the ever-crucial I are rare.

The second and third games also initialize the history to ZSZS, so that an S or Z in the first three pieces is also exceedingly rare. Newer Tetris games use a "bag" randomizer, which repeats random permutations of the seven tetrominoes, making it far easier to predict what the next pieces will be.

Some Tetris games feature what are known as "wall kicks". For a simple example, take the wallkicks from Tetris: If you try to rotate a piece, but that rotation is blocked by a wall or a block, the game will attempt to shift the piece one cell to the right and see if it will fit.

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