Time Lapse (2014) Explained

Season 4 Castle Rock: Hi Charles, Jasper was able to acquire the racing results by either watching TV or reading about them in the newspaper. After a week they get a disturbing photo: Amin Joseph as Big Joe. Tightly written, directed, scored and acted. Somewhere in all the timelines there will be one of her where everything works out exactly how she wants.

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Great job on the write up by the way. As was mentioned, you cannot mess with time, except at the end of the movie Callie started to believe she could, and tried to change the photo Mr Bezzerides had sent Heidecker before his death. These are some interesting points but I think you misinterpreted a few things.

As the audience, we are bound by the 2 photo a day narrative i. This fits with the narrative of the movie because after she sends the 8am photo back to herself the previous day she kills Finn creating the blood splatter on the Dr. This fits with the end of the movie where it fell off as she was being escorted away by Big Joe. The story revolves around the audience and the characters seeing into the future to predict the events that come between then and the present.

Pete, you appear to have a grasp on the time sequences…. That seems to be a major flaw particularly since the camera is only taking a picture of their apartment and they never leave the complex. Hi Charles, Jasper was able to acquire the racing results by either watching TV or reading about them in the newspaper. He then stood in front of the camera with a board and sent the information back to himself the previous day.

Were you a fan? I never got round to watching Fringe, although I heard it was a great series. In Time Lapse, as in many other movies dealing with time travel concepts, however, I think its possible the characters may either be creating a new time-line or universe with their actions, or alternatively simply rewriting the events of their own timeline over and over again.

Jasper stands in front of the window with that days results. If you consider linear timeline, the first time Jasper gets hold of race results is the night before the race, when he receives the results from the future where future him sends the results back via time camera. Past you get it from future you via time machine , who future you in turn got it from past you by normal passage of time. While the camera is taking a photo for the previous day, it is also releasing a photo for the next evening.

I assume its as simple as changing a dial or switch. Basically, there are three cycles of pictures. The first is the 8pm shots that show 24 hours ahead. The second is the 8am shots that Callie reveals at the end that also reveal 24 hours ahead.

The third, which was hinted by Dr. Heidecker, is the 2 weeks ahead shots. So the last picture taken at the end of the movie was not the 8am nor the 8pm shot.

She thought she could change the original 8pm shot by taping it on the window and I guess assuming the police would leave it up there since it would be considered evidence. It is taken at that time every two weeks. This is why no one knew about it. The movie ends by showing another polaroid being printed but cuts away before it is developed.

The important thing is that there was a 2 week cycle of photos just like the 24 hr 8am and 8pm cycles and it happened to take its photos at the exact time.

In the Jasper outlook, the photos are used to change the future. You receive information and then act on it, as to profit via insider gambling information. Then in the future you simply have to make sure you remember to send that same information back to yourself.

In the Callie outlook, the photos are used to change the past. After a day happens, you send information backwards in time allowing you to change how that day went. Ultimately all three outlooks fall flat, of course. What is the truth? None of them make complete sense.

When they found the machine, they asked the question… what would you want? A pile of cash Finn: Painting inspiration Callie speculated by Jasper: A ring from Finn. How is Callie standing in front of the 8pm painted picture? If the photos are only 24hours into the future and Finn only draws the clock picture past 8pm. The first picture they see jasper did not bet that day, he simply watched the races and recorded the results to put in the window.

It seems the movie follows a multiple timeline theory in that the events happened once, and callie made the notes, thus all future timelines would be altered. Or there is one time line that is changed multiple times.

It is probable that once the photo is printed the PHOTO is set in stone, if something else changes the timeline the photo already printed will not change. So the photo from Mr. The question of whether or not they could change anything was never actually answered in the film, and was instead replaced by fate or chance.

Instead, the photos are exactly the same as far as we can tell , which can only described as fate or incredible chance. Fate always seems like the easy answer in a time travel story. That weird metal plate thing. My first thought was some kind of device for ripping up fingernails, and then I legitimately thought it was a kalimba.

Now I have no clue at all. Nasty business, indeed from the violent bookie, Ivan. It was a mandolin. Works especially well for making evenly-cut sweet potato fries or just regular potato fries. Also, what was Finn realizing as he was painting the final painting? Supposedly, his future self sent a message back to the scientist to get him into the basement to die so Finn would have access to the keys to escape. Although Jasper had already had an affair with Callie, he would have been unaware of the actual photos taken by the camera and so not recognized the photo as being a past photo of them together.

Jasper would then have felt compelled to enact the scene depicted in that photo in order to lock in the predetermined future. Similarly, Finn also painted the spiral-green-thing thorium gas canister in his painting to ensure that the photo taken two weeks in the future remained consistent.

He most likely wondered what would have happened if he omitted the thorium sign, meaning Mr. B never went to the basement, and never died. Finn may have contemplated whether that would have resulted in things returning back to normal, but in the end he decided the risk of not reproducing the photo was too high to take.

Now to my question: Out of all the photos Callie had, why did she change to the charade one? What did she want to achieve now that Finn is already fond of her?

I think everyone is looking at it backwards. Jasper and Finn had little impact on things because they looked at it has having to do what the future pic showed. Callie likely went through much trial and error in multiple resulting timelines by sending messages to herself in the past. The movie only showed us one timeline that resulted from her final decisions of how to proceed after her trial and error.

The future timeline is now meaningless in terms of on what day things happen, ya know? Jasper was killed by Callie in that timeline, a day ahead of when he was supposed to be killed. She put it on the window to send instructions to a past self to create a new timeline. She is sending instructions back each day to create a timeline she considers successful.

Somewhere in all the timelines there will be one of her where everything works out exactly how she wants. Starting with TA she makes some choices and figures out which ones were right choices.

She puts a note in the window. A past self sees it and this splits into TB. Self in TB goes down a different timeline, makes the choices the note said to make, plus some other choices, and puts a different note in the window.

The past self that sees the note goes down the path of TC. By continuing to tweak her choices she is trying to end up with T? So, how to it help the future Jasper to see day-old race results? This movie tumbled on so many levels it actually bothered me to see people describe it as a gem as it stands. But, despite feeling like this movie went full tropic thunder on me towards the last act, I do understand how personal affinities with particular genres can extend merits for any production that at the very least takes a shot at it and comes close.

Needless to say the greatest disappointment in this time lapse movie is the contradiction of temporal continuity that attempts to conveniently introduce other paradoxes for the purpose of surmounting a cluster-f ck of possible time capsules that could cross each other perpetually until the end of time..

Great review and explanation….. I agree with most of it…. I also questioned under what circumstance Finn was able to paint.. Finn, Jasper and Callie should have known they could change their original timeline because Finn started to paint using just the inspiration of the photo, but they never know how he got inspired the first time, and Callie never says she knows how he got inspired….

This is why she gets caught and their is no actual proof they can change anything, including the creater of the machine the Dr.

I loved the movie. Tightly written, directed, scored and acted. I enjoyed the tension between the characters and the geographical tension of having quite literally only 4 set pieces. Can anyone help me understand this portion? Everything else, I get and fully understand. There are two different ways of thinking about this, and opinion seems divided on the issue, namely:. Number 1 option suggests Callie had successfully been manipulating the timeline all along during her 8am photo shoot, and revising events to suit her own ends.

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