Battle of Malta 2018 Set for Oct. 25-30!

There are plenty of options where you can get away, soak up some sun and still hit the felt. But during the early years, most employees worked out of their homes. Terrence Chan, hired to oversee Customer Support, lived in Vancouver. New buy in levels 7. The First Lady of Maltese Poker.

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How are there not remotely functional filters, for example? Party's software was as miserable as 's two years ago, and stars didn't move and you improved some things so party gained relatively speaking. But if I compare it to stars software it's maybe at the level now? Whatever the number is, eons ago. Full tilt that's been gone for many years was absolutely better too.

Considering the amount of money being wagered it's just mind-boggling. But, again, Party is doing better than their competitors recently. The software has at least risen to a level where it's not a major main in the ass anymore. But it's a very long stretch from something to be proud of. Everything I've seen leads me to believe leaderboards and security are an absolute trainwreck.

All the money seems to go to people who do nothing but play online poker and cheaters. The new schedule is just a solid uncreative schedule with nice guarantees, which is totally fine and probably the way to go.

But you're acting like you re-invented the wheel. Making people happy is to not have them have high expectations and then to do well. You can't both truly believe that and be quitting this thread because of too much negativity, these things directly contradict each other. I'm not saying you can't be excited, but throw some realism and modesty in there. They new different buy-ins are great, but we simply need more tournaments.

I am disgusted with Stars and don't want to play there, but currently there aren't enough MTTs in Party per hour. Last couple posts have been a nice change of pace itt, how bout we all try and bring back posts that are constructive to the improvement of the site like these, gg soep I mostly agree. Also happy to see pads unretire from this Thread. What about Sopegroentes comment about all pros winning the packages?

Bob from the casino is gettig rekt by the Russians! There is no way i can cash this out? You can even have "turbo" zooms with 3 minute blind levels where the tourny will likely be done within the hour, but people will play way more hands. Did anyone else notice how the monesterFest is exactly below the HR leaderboard. I wonder why, whats the reason behind this. Not thinking its shady, just really odd based on market strategy.

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Originally Posted by mecantplay Where did you see the PowerFest schedule? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I would suggest more 6-max event. I guess that it's the favorite format of the players.

It would be great to have another one around the 1st of July. Would like more 1k price points for non nlh tournaments.

Huge gap in price point. Originally Posted by deadlysyns. Originally Posted by Donk Dunc. Only one dealer's choice tourney - which I'm fine with - but it would be great if you could move it to June 3rd, the day before the WSOP dealer's choice.

I'm not sure myself or others will even be in town yet on May 29th. In fact, looking at the schedule, is there a reason for having many of the non-nlh tournaments after the corresponding WSOP ones instead of before? Anyway thanks for your consideration and I hope to see you this summer Chris!

Originally Posted by jmmj BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Tournament Events Live updates from major events, logistics, trip reports, and other live not televised major tournament discussion. Page 1 of 6. Send a private message to TDChrisG.

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