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Carmen Valentina is a blonde pornstar who came onto the scene in when she was 23 years old. She has always been artistic and fond of performing, so it makes total sense that this bombshell became a pornstar. Having worked lots of boring regular jobs before porn, she was a receptionist and office manager, blackjack dealer, artist for tourists doing caricatures, art model, and even a lifeguard.

Upon transferring to a new college, she needed more money than what these jobs could provide. She was living in Florida at the time so she shot for a few companies there before developing her own website. In the bedroom, Carmen considers herself a switch and says it all depends on the person. She loves doing femdomme because she can take all of her anger out on a guy, and she also likes to get tossed around on the bed.

Career Start and End: Videos uploaded by Carmen Valentina More Videos. Fuck a Fan contest!!! Carmen Valentina is Horny for You! Thong Bikini Babe Shakes her Booty Office slut fingers her pussy in bathroom 5.

Blonde Carmen Valentina deepthroats a hard cock Two Nurses Milk Their Patient 1. Carmen Valentina Hardcore Sex Videos. And he does quite the thorough examination of his suspect when he bends her over a picnic table and inspects every part of her sexy body for weapons. After threatening to call her Dad and tell him about what she is up to she begs him not to make the call and goes along with his plan.

Back at his private dungeon Carmen is tied up and chained to the bars of a jail cell. Charles puts tight nipple clamps on her firm natural tits and stuffs his cock down her throat to start his rehabilitation process with this derelict member of society. Carmen can suck cock like a champ and starts enjoying herself with some deep throat sloppy slobbery dick sucking. She jacks his cock with her bound hands and her long sexy fingernails look hot stroking him off. Then in tight rope bondage on all fours with back arched Charles whips her with the flogger and licks her tight little pussy getting her ready for his hard dick.

He fills her slutty pussy up with his long dick of the law and pounds her out real good until she cums hard and leaves her wanting more more more! Tied up on her back with legs spread open her pussy is front and center and ready to be fucked.

But first Mr Dera gives her a thrill with the zapper and the hitachi until she is on the brink of cumming but no not yet, he denies her the pleasure and then stuffs her cunt full of his massive cock and fucks her out until he covers her with his white hot man jizz.

Dirty Distraction Athena Faris needs help with her homework, but when she asks her step-mother, Cherie DeVille , she tells her she can't because she and her father are late for the theatre. Athena is disappointed but determined to find a way of getting her mom's attention spoiler alert: The next day, Athena sets her plan in motion.

Wearing tiny booty shorts that show off her tight ass, she bumps into her mom's ass, pretending it was an accident. Soon after, Athena sits down next to her mom on the couch and starts to rub her pussy over her underwear. But Cherie just isn't looking up from her book to take the hint, so it's time to kick things up a notch.

Finding her mom in bed reading, Athena goes in and shows her a new skill she learned. She twerks her perfect ass in her booty shorts. Cherie stops her step-daughter and asks her if there's anything she wants to talk about. Athena's been acting really strange lately and Cherie wants to get to the bottom of it.

Athena confesses that she just wants to get closer to her mom, and since Cherie's been so busy lately, she's been trying to get her attention. Cherie is sorry that Athena's been feeling ignored and pulls her in for a tender hug.

With Athena's head resting on Cherie's huge, beautiful tits, Cherie strokes her hair lovingly and Athena tells her that she doesn't feel that her mom's been giving her the attention that she used to. Even though Athena is all grown up, Cherie still finds it sweet that her daughter needs her. But going to the park or buying her candy isn't really appropriate anymore, is it? Cherie suggests that they do something a little more Maybe Athena wants to kiss her?

She won't tell her dad. They kiss, Cherie's tongue exploring Athena's eager mouth. Cherie just wants to make Athena feel good and make sure she knows she's wanted. Cherie's top comes off and Athena sucks on her pink nipples. As Cherie's hand slides down between Athena's legs, she shows her the real meaning of mommy-daughter time and gives her all the special attention that she's been craving.

The sexy, slim brunette will indulge her backdoor passion with the hung stud Toby. Morning In White Video Description: Sexy Ginebra Bellucci is lying outside dressed in white and looking hot!

She feels horny and wants to celebrate life, so she gifts her beloved Toby her tight asshole so he can fill it with love! Stripped Bare For Ricky Johnson's bachelor party, his fiancee laid down the law: That's okay, because his best man, Nat Turnher, has brought him somewhere even better.

Ricky is nervous when stunning Adriana Chechik lets him in to her personal VIP room and begins a sultry lap dance in her bright red lingerie, and Nat even has to break the ice and put Ricky's hand on Adriana's sexy skin!

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