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Event 7 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 20 - H. Event 8 - No-Limit Hold'em. Super Satellites With Rebuys. Event 25 - No-Limit Hold'em.

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There are many different poker casino games which can be found at the Venetian Macau. One of these includes a game referred to as Sands Stud Poker.

This game is similar to the online casino game of Caribbean poker. The major difference with the variation played at the Macau casino is that the side bet is varied.

Before visiting the Venetian Macau, one can hone their skills are playing Caribbean poker online or with friends.

This version of stud poker is similar to blackjack in that players are competing against the dealer rather than the other players at the table. Therefore, certain strategies typically used in poker are not applicable in Caribbean poker. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Subscribe to RSS or enter you email to receive newsletter for news, articles, and updates about what's new. Travel across the world with Journey Idea.

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Event 1 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 2 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 3 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 4 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 5 - Pot-Limit Omaha. Event 6 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 7 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 8 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 9 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 10 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 11 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 12 - Omaha 8 or Better. Event 13 - No-Limit Hold'em. Event 14 - No-Limit Hold'em.


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