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MPU4 Russia, set The number of adventure games on this page made it so large that I followed a suggestion from Rich Mellor to split up the Games section. Death Vote Judge Dredd: However, teams from the same confederation still were not drawn against each other for the group stage, except that two UEFA teams could be in each group. VAR had a significant impact in several games. This version has been slightly adjusted by Detlef Obermann to make it easier to run than the original. Royal Vegas Joker Card fast deal.

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Doc is in German. GeeGees - Bet on the horses without losing all your money! Ghost - Pacman derivative - eat pill, kill ghost, go home T. Golf 2 - another golf game, with courses. Appears to be a 'Connect 4' type game, Get five men in a line, and stop five robots forming a line. In this simulation, you command the German submarine and your aim is to sink as much allied shipping as possible, while avoiding depth charges, destroyers and planes. Hangman - Guess the word game, with 12, word list.

Hexpawn - a simple pointer driven game based on chess pawns. This is one of the accessory programs from the Launchpad suite. Invaders 2 - Prevent the aliens from Zog turning your planet into a giant roman candle. Limited Over Cricket - play cricket on your QL, you can even define your own team, or enter details of your favourite team! Per Witte version of Nim. Roam a maze of coloured doors.

If you don't have the right keys for the doors, you have to answer questions. Memo - A memory game where you must match pairs of cards PE, W. Misery Guts - Conversational program based on Eliza but not as polite!

You are the leader of a team of men. In the team are climbers, sherpas and porters. Your ultimate objective is to get at least one climber up to the summit of a mountain.

M-Cosmic - a jump-n-run game. M-Treasure - a machine coded platform. Manoeuvre around the screens picking up various amounts of treasure, at the same time avoiding various creatures that are trying to stop you from collecting the treasure.

Pick up treasures by moving over them. M-Metropolis - an overhead flying game, reminiscent of Citadel, where you fly around a world of about 50 screens, where you try to reunite the world by collecting together the sets of emblens representative of the East and West, while avoiding guns firing at you and police cars.

The game is controlled by cursor arrow keys or cursor emulating joysticks. A "MasterMind" Type game. Othello - a strategy board game. Plays quite a strong game. Does not work on Minerva 1. Includes 'C' source code. Pacman - QL Pacman. I think this used to be known as M-Crunch originally - can anyone confirm?

Paladin - a Space Invaders-type game for the QL, written in assembler. A set of games written in SuperBasic.

Originally published by Quantum Soft in the s, they have now been released as freeware by the author. Puzzle - Unscramble the 15 numbers. A game from W.

DJ Puzzle - Unscramble the letetrs or numbers in the old game, ased on a 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6 puzzle. QBdarts - A darts game of or where you must start and end on a double, or Clock-face doubles ending with 25 and QBgolf - An update of the Q-Bits golf game.

Play an 18 hole roundof golf. Play against other generated players to compare scores. Pit your skills at Power Driving off the tee and Putting the ball once you reach the green. Try to manage a warehouse, invoices, deliveries, stock movement etc. QJewels - based on the popular Jewels games, this version for GD2 systems e. Arrange three or more jewels in a horizontal or vertical line to remove them and earn points - to move a jewel just drag and drop it one square away to form a line of three or more of those jewels.

Standard or compact screen display. Automatic "no more moves" display. Sampled Sound System optional - get sound accompaniment if you have that system. Most basic requirement - lots of time!

QL Conquest - game of world domination in the age of exploration between six tribal nations. They fight and explore the world with the objective of controlling the world's rare resources: The winner is the nation to control all five resources. In QL Conquest each nation can be controlled by a player or by the computer.

So up to six players can take part in the game or the QL can control all 6 nations. Rich has also added a MODE 8 command at the start of the Treasure Hunt game to improve the look of the display when it is first run.

In short, QLINGO is an addictive and slightly educational game of skill and luck which requires knowledge of words and logic. Not suitable for Minerva. QLotski - a sliding tile type of game, where you have to move blocks to defined locations.

Based on the game of Klotski. Slide the tile with dots on it to the location shown in green by moving the other tiles around to make room. This is the version which includes a networked version.

Will you be able to redraw the famous little ghost. Supports joystick and cursor keys. You can choose the difficulty of play. QSlam - Slam has not done the washing up last week. He has to collect the diamonds. Use the cursor arrow keys to control the game.

Dig to pick up the items. Dodge the cave ghosts and monsters. Before slam reaches the exit he must collect all the diamonds. Get extra points and lives if you can work out how. QSlam was made freeware in by its author. Quizmaster II - a pub quiz type of game, updated by Rich Mellor to load in extra sets of questions. Formerly commercial program from Impact Entertainments, now released as freeware. Quzzle - Two versions of a sliding block puzzle from R.

React - Tests your reaction time. Press ESC to end the program. Recconaissance - You are a member of an elite corps whose assignment is to establish the precise location of four high explosive ordnance stores within an enemy camp prior to a bombing raid.

You cannot gain admittance to the camp and so can only prowl about the perimeter and fire a maser microwave-laser rifle in to try to establish the locations of the ordnance. No manual, but scans of the original magazine article included for information.

No instructions, but just use cursor arrow keys to select piece to move and ENTER to register the move. Press Esc if you can't move. Rubik's Area - align the colours. Runway - clear an area for the aircraft to land before it's too late! No instructions unfortunately - could do with someone taking a look at and updating the code e.

Help Santa catch the Reindeers by herding them into the pen. Christmas is under threat! Some evil person has let all of Santa's reindeer loose in a maze and hidden some of the children's presents in there too.

Santa is beside himself with worry - help to save Christmas by guiding Santa around the maze to recover all the reindeers and presents! In order to regain the peace on Sector X, you have been equipped with the last available space ship squadron, but the armament and firepower of your ship is rather limited, so you have to shoot down the enemy's energy balls in order to gain extra weapons of which there are five available. Once you have banished the enemies from one of the five planet surfaces, you will be taken to space to destroy the mothership and after that the command-eye.

A fun shoot 'em up game, now released as freeware. Shire - manage the estate's finances. Try to become king or queen in this Kingdom-style game.

Snake - Another snake game, by Christian Gavin. Space Invaders - a machine coded version of space invaders by P. Squidgy Squidgy around the world is a colourful little arcade game, a former commercial program from DJC now kindly made freeware by the author. The adaptation for this version was done by Detlef Obermann. Arcade action by K. Star Cruiser - The once proud Xuthilian Empire fleet lies in ruins, devastated by an alien force of immense power.

You join as a Space Cadet and gain promotion through the ranks by successfully landing your star cruiser. An arcade game by Fraser Harkins. Unfortunately, it will only run on systems where the screen address is the same as that of the original QL, decimal - try starting an emulator in QL compatible x screen mode for the best chance of compatibility.

The boot file lets you choose whether or not to start the instructions job as well as the game itself. Sudoku sources - Sources to the Sudoku program above. Sudoku - A pointer driven Sudoku program. This version includes a calculator and a Mines type game.

F1 to F5 keys. Tetris - the game of Tetris for the QL, from P. The Wall - You are faced with a wall made up of coloured tiles. Rock Angelz Vote Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Vote Medal of Honor: Hoodlum Havoc Vote Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Vote R: Racing Evolution Vote R: Life in the Fast Lane Vote R: Royal Ransom Vote Rugrats: A Goddess Reborn Vote Summoner: Enter the Dragonfly Vote Spyro: The Movie Vote Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Vote The Simpsons: Road Rage Vote The Simpsons: Warzones Vote Smuggler's Run: Shadow of Apokolips Vote Superman: Clone Sensou Vote Shrek: Super Party Vote Shrek: Super Party Vote Speed Challenge: The Redemption Vote Terminator 3: Silver Storm Vote ?

Combat Zones Vote Top Gun: Infernal Crusade Vote Tonka: The Staff Vote 2 Games in 1: Sims in the City Vote The Urbz: Throwdown Vote Need for Speed: Underground 2 Vote Need for Speed: Dark Legacy Vote Gauntlet: Battle Carnival Vote Viewtiful Joe: Rise of the Imperfects Vote Marvel Nemesis: Carbon Vote Need for Speed: American Pro Trucker Vote 18 Wheeler: The Yakuza Missions Vote Wreckless: Blue Storm Vote Wave Race: Wolverine's Revenge Vote X-Men 2: Rise of Apocalypse Vote Pok?

Next Dimension Vote X-Men: Command Mission Vote Rockman X: Bush Rescue Vote Harvest Moon: Twilight Princess Vote Zelda no Densetsu: Budokai 2 Vote Dragon Ball Z: Destroy all Monsters Melee Vote Godzilla: Kaijuu Dairantou Vote Godzilla: Vote Zapper - One Wicked Cricket! II Vote Zoids vs. Seisen no Keifu Vote Famicom Bunko: Thracia Vote Ganbare Goemon 2: Zengokuban Vote Uncharted Waters: Zenpen Vote Heisei Shin Onigashima: Taiketsu Vote Ecco Jr.

The Legend of Heroes Vote Pitfall: Super Mario Bros 2. Ocarina of Time Vote Zelda no Densetsu: Majora's Mask Vote Zelda no Densetsu: NRJ Music Tour v1. Battle Boxing Vote Pok? Wii Vote Project X: Chi no Rondo Vote Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Vote Dragon Slayer: Farewell Ruins of the Moon Vote Fragile: Hura de Hajimeru Bi to Kenkou!!

Star Successor Vote Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Sky Vote Sin and Punishment: Rock Band Vote Rock Band: Rise of the Manhunters Vote Metroid Prime: Other M Vote Speed Racer: Classic Rock Vote The Sims 2: Blue World Vote Forever Blue: Umi no Yobigoe Vote Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep Vote Story Hour: Soccer Vote Academy of Champions: Farmyard Games Vote Farmyard Party: The Game Vote Silent Hill: Pop Hits Vote Family Party: Pikachu's Adventure Vote Pok?

Are You Crazy Enough? Wildlife Vet Vote Planet Rescue: Wildlife Vet Vote Jurassic: Festival of Fun Vote I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Vote Drawn to Life: Game Time Vote The Beatles: Vote Resident Evil 4: The Movie Vote Blazing Angels: The Umbrella Chronicles Vote Biohazard: Versus Crusade Vote Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing Vote Cars: A Prehistoric Adventure Vote Crash: Ace in Action Vote Chicken Little: Tsuioku no Mirage Vote Detective Conan: The Mirapolis Investigation Vote Kororinpa: Vote Dragon Ball Z: Root of Evil Vote Donkey Kong: Parallel Lines Vote Dragon Blade: Extreme Challenge Vote Gold's Gym: Outdoor Challenge Vote Family Trainer: Party Time Vote Monkey Mischief!

Anarchy Vote Carnival Games: Mini Golf Vote Planet The Game Vote Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Vote MiniCopter: Slipknot Vote The Godfather: KoRn Vote Kidz Sports: RandomHero's Vote Agent Hugo: All-In Vote Harvest Moon: Overkill Vote Akko De Pon!

Ikasama Hourouki Vote Hannah Montana: Vote Disney Sing It: Road to Hill 30 Vote Diva Girls: Divas on Ice Vote Diva Girls: Princess on Ice Vote Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Vote Ice Age 3: Supreme Cuisine Vote Smiley World: Ruthless Romans Vote One Piece: Challenger Vote Dodge Racing: New Blood Vote Trauma Center: Second Opinion Vote Trauma Center: Slumber Party Vote Bratz: Legendary Warriors Vote Kidz Sports: Armageddon Vote Kanken Wii: Basketball Vote Kidz Sports: International Soccer Vote Kidz Sports: Soldiers of Misfortune Vote Lost in Blue: The Videogame Vote Love is Quest for Infinity Vote Go West: The Last Airbender Vote Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge Vote Looney Tunes: Heroes 2 Vote Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Vote Monster 4x4: World Circuit Vote The Mummy: Ultimate Alliance 2 Vote Momotar?

Dentetsu 16 Vote Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Vote Medal of Honor: Untamed Vote Myth Makers: Battle Force 5 Vote Legend of Spyro: Dark Legend Vote Obscure: Operation Thunder Vote Playmobil: Lost in the Game Vote Pok? The Big Adventure Vote Rampage: Total Destruction Vote Peppa Pig: Evil Under the Sun Vote Safecracker: Angler's Dream Vote Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Vote Madagascar 2: Girlz Really Rock Vote Hasbro: Mech Conflict Vote Battle Rage: Zero Gravity Vote Sonic Riders: Brawl Yin Yang Edition 2: Vote Super Smash Bros.

Brawl Hack Pack Vote Scarface: System of a Down Vote Broken Sword: Legends Vote Super Monkey Ball: Rokuban Shoubu Vote Star Wars: Table Tennis Vote Tales of Symphonia: Pet Vet Vote Real Stories: Shadow Assassins Vote Tenchu 4 Vote Diva Ballerina Vote Monster Jam: Drum King Vote We Rock: Globs of Doom Vote Animal Crossing: Doubutsu no Mori Vote Animal Crossing: Creepy Crawlies Vote Beach Fun: Summer Challenge Vote Avatar: Back to the Island Vote Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Vote Valhalla Knights: World at War Vote Monsters vs.

Aliens Vote Pirates of the Caribbean: The Williams Collection Vote Pinball: World Kitchen Vote Cooking Mama 2: World Kitchen Vote Wario Land: The Shake Dimension Vote Worms: A Space Oddity Vote Warning: Raw Vote Brave: A Warrior's Tale Vote Runaway: La Maison Vote Transformers: Origins Vote Puzzle Challenge: Summer Vote World Championship Sports: Bash Party Vote Pet Pals: Out of the Chute Vote Arcade Shooter: Life with Horses Vote Active Life: Wonders Beyond Vote Pok?

Dodoon to 2 Daime Vote Victorious: Chou Goukaban Vote Monster High: Special Edition Vote Hoshi no Kirby: Star Wars Vote Transformers: Back to School Vote Ben Galactic Racing Vote Gummy Bears: Shadows of Katmai Vote Sakura Wars: Magic Racer Vote Atr? Samurai Heroes Vote Sengoku Basara: Battle Road Victory Vote Beyblade: The Darkside Chronicles Vote Biohazard: Babysitting Mama Vote The Bachelor: Word Puzzles Vote Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2 Vote Call of Duty: Black Ops Vote Wii Play: Infestation Vote Schlag den Raab - Das 2.


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