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Also mentioned in the podcast: Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, a Colombian who teaches law at the University of London, argues that "few people have noticed that with Spanish language and culture in the ascendant the US is quietly but quickly becoming the next Latin American country. In the podcast, he brought up the totally insane way the GOP is ignoring demographic trends and pushing an anti-immigration agenda despite the knowledge that, even if the borders were closed today, the country's population will be majority-minority by the middle of this century and, of course, the group with the most dramatic gain is expected to be Latinos.

Posted by TJ at 2: Faced with the task of crafting a short bio to run at the end of an article , I came up with the following: The ultimate goal is to make it to every capital city, del taco al tango. That last bit was taken from a Spanishpod podcast I listen to occasionally.

I wasn't even sure it was a goal, to be honest. But the more I think about it the more I would love to make this happen. Those two are done and dusted. But there are a ton of others I'm dying to check out. First on the list probably is Santiago, Chile. Obviously, it's not so easy to jet off to a Latin American capital for an extended stay, so I'm traveling via blogs.

Here are current favorites for Colombia , Chile and Argentina. They say these things happen in threes. Who do you think will be the third celebrity death? Kelly Clarkson's performing for the president tonight! At the Ford Theater! Maybe she'll get shot like Lincoln.

I'm not much of a solo diner although I have learned to suck it up for lunch every once in a while , so while J was here I made sure to hit a variety of recommended restaurants in Buenos Aires.

I particularly loved the bowl of potatoes of surprisingly different sizes and flavors. Everything was tasty especially my tamal and Saturday night music really made the taxi ride worthwhile. The steak here was amazing and the portion was insane -- basically two filet mignons. The terraza overlooking the water was cute and the service, not always a strength in Buenos Aires restaurants, was very good. Props to J for getting us out of the slightly shady couvert situation -- read the menu before you dig into the bread etc.

Bonus birthday dinner at Francis in Montevideo , Uruguay: The restaurant, in Punta Carretas, was cute, the cheap wine selection was expansive and the inevitable steak I had was delicious. And, bonus, like most places in the two cities we visited, this restaurant was more than happy to call a cab for us.

Some of my favorite foods were at very nondescript joints. For example, probably my favorite pizza moment of the trip and there have been many, best believe came right around the corner at Pizza y Espuma. My personal-sized mozzarella pizza was super good with the perfect mix of mozz and parmesan for me.

And the cheap wine! Probably my favorite of the trip, and about 4 bucks? Also noteworthy are the many delivery options Buenos Aires has to offer. Let's not forget that you can get ice cream delivered, too. Peru Beach Originally uploaded by tjdee. Tigre Riverwalk Originally uploaded by tjdee. La Boca Originally uploaded by tjdee.

Nerd Originally uploaded by tjdee. Posted by TJ at 1: Hola Originally uploaded by tjdee. Not surprisingly, Trip Advisor has been an invaluable resource, from its reviews of lodgings to its forum full of BsAs experts.

I've returned to a podcast I used to listen to a few years ago: It's no longer updated, but the posts that remain are fantastic for adjusting to the Argentine accent and learning some lunfardo slang, which was the podcast's main mission. There also are some great smaller online publications, such as The Argentine Post and The Argentimes. Interestingly, Buenos Aires also has a really high-quality government website with a ton of good stuff for visitors, including about a dozen blogs.

Lately I've been trying to stay up to date with the tourism blog duh , available both in Spanish and English. And while news is interesting, I've learned a lot from personal blogs, notably two run by Americans: Good Airs isn't updated super frequently but its archive offers an interesting view of how the country has changed during the past few years.

And the newer Tourist to Townie has some great tips and insights from a 20something packing a job, language classes and as many side trips as possible into his stay in the city. Canal Encuentro , the best of Argentina's online-programming offerings, is better now that there's a live stream. So, I hit "publish" on Blogger for the first time 10 years ago today.

Here's the gripping first post. Of course, this domain has been around longer -- since April of '99 -- and an online wordspewspace of some sort has been running semi-continuously since the summer of ' Este video incluye algunos de los mejores momentos.

The best part of the film Los Paranoicos is definitely Daniel Hendler's dancing. This video features some highlights. It's been a kick-ass few weeks for new music. She is by far my favorite of the Spanish-language pop stars and this video shows that she hasn't lost her alternative, quirky edge.

Yes, those chicks are eating flowers and either farting or giving birth to butterflies -- you be the judge. It reminds me of Alanis Morissette's Ironic.

I'm a fan of Leonor Watling's acting, so I've always wanted to like the often melancholic Marlango. This new CD has several tracks that I really, really like a lot, including a collaboration with Rufus Wainwright and a few with Watling's baby daddy, Jorge Drexler. His new CD is really interesting -- all recorded live a la the Unplugged series.

The song is breezy and fun. Diego Torres - Guapa His unplugged, drum-heavy version of Color Esperanza is one of my all-time favorites, but I'm not consistently wowed by Diego Torres. But he does have a wicked good voice. And while it's by far the most conventional of this batch of picks, I like his new, upbeat pop single, Guapa.

This weekend I experienced a taste of what's to come in Argentina when I checked out Juan Cuba of Los Nadies performing tangos, boleros and other non-roquero songs. It was his first time belting this style of music in public, apparently. I went to check out the space, Red Poppy Art House , more than to see the specific musician, but this was a great show. Twiteando Originally uploaded by tjdee. Toward the end of my temporary lack of television coupled with my intensified focus on consuming as much Spanish-language media as possible turned me onto Spain's above-average archived TV programming.

There's a great archive of all 50 episodes here. Julieta Venegas led me to Bajofondo through a collaboration she did with the Gustavo Santaolalla-led rioplatense group. Those four groups make of the base of my new go-to Pandora station. It's an especially good one for working or for just getting in an Argentine mood I like this much more than the new flamenco fusion I was interested in for a minute last year.

Also great when company is over, as it's great music that doesn't distract too much from conversation. Que te cuento cuando no tengo nada que decir?

Bueno, te digo que no se como hacer tildes en esta puta computadora de mierda. Por eso, me voy a parar. Pues, algo es algo, verdad? I think I'm in the midst of my first approaching mini-crisis: I'm feeling pushed to solidify my San Francisco roots even further and continue doing all that grown-up stuff I've been slowly doing the past few years buying fancier, investment furniture, building community, etc. For lack of a better word, I have an urge to settle.

Yet, at the same time, I'm feeling just as strongly as ever a need to keep my life as location-independent as possible.

There's a real urgency and desire to push off and see more more more. And this increasingly intense division comes just six weeks before I take an extended trip to Argentina.

You'd think that would even me out a bit Posted by TJ at 9: I haven't found an Argentine equivalent to the super convenient RTVE site, but this government-affiliated channel, Canal Encuentro , offers pretty interesting series focused on history, science and culture.

Also worth checking out is Buenos Entonces, a language-learning series of apps that mixes the usual grammar with the slang specific to Bs As and also throws in a fun and saucy narrative. I've only paid for a few of the "classes" but even the free stuff on the blog is interesting. Add the country's major newspaper, El Clarin , to the mix and you have a decent online immersion experience. While not as long as last year's nine-week stay in Mexico City, I'm off to Buenos Aires for five weeks beginning just before my birthday.

I'm thinking if I head to the southern hemisphere before the big day, time will go backwards and I can ward off 30 for a little longer. If not, I can enjoy finally being able to check Argentina off the list.

Who knew Uruguay had so much going on? It's walking distance to Subte, the famous cemetery, Parque Las Heras and, of course, the kinds of empanada, pizza and gelato places I'll be dreaming about from now until April.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper show off their chemistry in 'Shallow' music video The official music video was released Thursday ahead of the movie's premiere. Prince's family seeks justice for rock legend's tragic death: Film chronicles climber's solo journey up Yosemite 's El Capitan with no gear "Free Solo" captures Alex Honnold's struggles on and off the mountain.

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Cosby sentencing will make survivors feel 'safer' to speak out: Accuser "At some point, you have to feel like it's going to be OK to say something. Comedian is 1st elimination from 'Dancing With the Stars' The first couple of season 27 was eliminated Tuesday night. Michelle Obama will speak to ABC in prime-time special before book release The former first lady's memoir will be released on Nov. Timeline of his fall from 'America's Dad' to 'sexually violent predator' Cosby back in Pennsylvania courtroom for sentencing in a sexual assault case.

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